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The Heralds of God (5.10.12)

“The heralds of God publicise My word,

                                  spread the availability of My word,

                                  make known the sourcing of My word,

                                  declare the tablets of inscription,

                                  carry the tablets with the visions.

The heralds of God uplift and run with the vision of the end-time advent of The Lord.

The heralds of God access and distribute,

                                query and replace,

                                listen and implant.

The heralds of God multiply and distribute,

                                care for and include,

                                magnify and offer.

The heralds of God are the messengers of God tasked with specific responsibilities.

The heralds of God supervise dispersal,

                                know the prevailing winds,

                                recognize the chains of contacts,

                                verify the word of mouth,

                                know the air waves bringing truth,

                                place the images before the eyes of man.

The heralds of God change the scene for man with knowledge of their God,

                                change the scene of faith with the evidence of God,

                                change the scene of childhood with the maturity of God.

The heralds of God do not shout their offerings,

                                do not extort their offerings,

                                do not disparage their offerings.

The offerings of the heralds of God are trustworthy and true,

                                              are righteous and adept,

                                              are relevant and topical.

The offerings of the heralds of God are valuable and precise,

                                              are praiseworthy and aligned,

                                              are vicarious of presentation and personal in application.

The offerings of the heralds of God speak to the spirit and the soul of man –

                                                  with impact on the body or after the conversion to a temple.

The heralds of God warn or encourage,

                                submit or tender,

                                honour or respect,

                                counsel or dismiss,

                                prolong or shorten:

                                              as the fall of grace selects.

The heralds of God know of the end-time coming,

                                know of the coming storms,

                                know of the approaching retinue with The King in conquest.

The heralds of God know the networks of the earth,

                                know the social contacts,

                                know the tweeting and the twittering.

The heralds of God envisage the end from the beginning,

                                               the importance of the tasks,

                                               the thoroughness of effort,

                                               the dependability of completion,

                                               the changes wrought under the counselling of God,

                                               the suffering averted by attention both to detail and to promptness.

The heralds of God audit and proclaim,

                                coax and impart,

                                sustain and inherit:

                                               the word of God going forth unto the multitudes of man.”


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