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The Kissing of God (3.10.12)

“The kissing of God is infrequent and oft unconsidered.

The kissing of God expresses gratitude by both man and God.

The kissing of God is a simple pursing of the lips sounding in completion;

                            is not drawn out;

                            has no hidden undertones.

The kissing of God seals a close relationship,

                            maintains a close relationship,

                            holds tight to a close relationship.

The kissing of God can hear a reply,

                            can sense the closeness of My Spirit with the spirit,

                            can feel the signing of My Spirit to the soul upon the body.

The kissing of God carries a love message across the divide of mortality,

                            receives a blessing for such from their God,

                            knows the firmness of the handshake of creation is solid in each grasp.

The kissing of God is not a fairy tale for children,

                            is not a concept of futility,

                            is not a love token of irreverence.

The kissing of God is much appreciated from His children,

                            is a special time of reverence,

                            is a special time of significance within reality,

                                is confirmation of His love from The Loving God.

The kissing of God should be reflected in the closest of inter-relationships born and carried in the hearts of My people.

The kissing of God is known and offered from within My bride.

The kissing of God,

                   in wisdom,

                                would prevent the lips of man from contact with an idol surface.

The kissing of God is not a point of sacrifice,

                                is not a point of holiness,

                                is not a point of worship.

The kissing of God is for the surety of My people in their closeness to their God of love.

The kissing of God is for the reality of truth confirmed to God by His loving family waiting in attendance.

The kissing of God is two-way communication seen in action with effect,

                                can vary in intensity,

                                can be robust,

                                can be gentle,

                                can be prompt,

                                can be swift,

                                can shake the roots of faith,

                                can confirm the soul of bliss.

The kissing of God is both private and sincere,

                                is not a point of pride,

                                is as a love expression to the father as the Grand Father of the family.

The kissing of God confirms a daily focus on relationship which is both strong and growing and destined for the stars of God.”


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