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The Prime Directive to Man (19.10.12)

“Preparing for eternity is the prime directive from God to man.

Preparing for eternity is the prime directive for man in every season under heaven.

Preparing for eternity is the purpose for the life of man upon the earth.

Preparing for eternity is the objective set for the functioning of man.

Preparing for eternity is the prime directive held within the heart of man,

                                                                      held within his consciousness,

                                                                      held within his freewill,

                                                                      held within his interaction with his fellows,

                                                                      held within his schooling and his learning,

                                                                      held within his abilities and his yearnings,

                                                                      held within his senses and his being,

                                                                      held within his relationship with God,

                                                                      held within his relationship with man.

Preparing for the prime directive within a life requires knowledge of eternity,

                                                                          requires wisdom for the journey,

                                                                          requires the presence of much love.

The prime directive as issued to man cannot be disavowed by Satan,

                                                            cannot be dislocated at a joint by demons,

                                                            cannot be broken into pieces by any who frequent the darkness.

The prime directive as issued to man is as a single shining spear especially sharpened for its task.

        Especially sharpened for its task of protecting the shell of man until the golden bow is sought and arrows are to hand.

The arrows which are to hand are each the prime directive –

                                                    to be held securely to the fore within the grasp of every man of God.

The phalanx as constructed cannot be breached by Satan,

                                             is not approached by Satan,

                                             is not attacked By Satan.

The phalanxes of God move in unison with God,

                                    move in unity with The Spirit,

                                    move at the behest of The Son.

The phalanxes of God are mustered for the retaking of the earth in the freewill of man,

                                                          for the dominion of God again,

                                                          as once released to the domain of Satan,

                                                                   in all that God gave up as man moved apart from God.

So man matures in his wisdom.

So man strikes out on his own.

So man adopts a carefree attitude.

So man tastes the power and the vengeance of God for all the sins attributed to man –

                                                                                                outside the fall of grace –

                                                           for which man has not sought covering from the cross of Christ.

The sins of man for all generations since the cross of Christ,

                                                         remaining outside the cross of Christ,

                                                         taunting the cross of Christ,

                                                         are about to be cleansed,

                                                                         to be expunged,

       to be obliterated under the coming vengeance of God in the foretold great tribulation of man:

         as the sins of the fathers are visited on the sons down through the godless generations of man,

                                                    where grace remains without value in the sight of man,

                                                                                            as man staggers under the weight of law.”


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