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The Progressing of My Bride (19.1.15)


     The Lord,

          would speak to My people before the break of day,

                                                     in the simplicity of solitude,

                                                     with the fullness of intent voided of disruption.

For as My people sleep so they must be awoken.

For as My people have their eyes shut so they must be opened.

For as My people sojourn in the darkness so they must be encouraged to the light.

For as My people slumber in the past so they must prepare for their future.

For as My people drift becalmed so they must be revitalised with purpose.

For as My people fail to shed their sin in repentance so they will be left clamouring for inclusion in My Bride.

For as My Bride varies in devotion so My Bride will be selected for an upward gathering.

The gathering of My Bride will not include the faint-hearted,

                                            will not include the time driven or the self-centred,

                                                                      the tight-fisted or the lip-servicing.

The gathering of My Bride seeks the righteous and the kind,

                                                      the devoted and the resolute,

                                                      the inspired and the truthful.

The gathering of My Bride includes those who know My name,

                                                          those who are known to Me,

                                                          those who practise the giftings of endowment,

                                                          those who build My trail of miracles in My ministry of proxy,

                                                          those who serve and do not count the cost,

                                                          those who serve and do not issue reams of procrastinations,

                                                          those who serve and so decorate their gowns of life,

                                                          those who serve and spread the word of grace,

                                                          those who serve and stand upon their mountains as the overcomers,

                                                          those who know and are at home in the presence of their God.

The gathering of My Bride includes those who love their fellow man with a contrite heart.

The gathering of My Bride confirms the love of God,

                                            confirms the love of My people,

                                            confirms the actions of the qualified,

                                            confirms the leading of My Spirit,

                                            confirms the testimonies before the Father,

                                            confirms the validity of progressions towards the children of God.

The status of being received as a child of God leads His children home as His orphans of mortality – 

                                                          those who forsook the world –

                                                          those who set their sights on the goals of God –

                                                          those who did their homework –

                                                          those who graduated from the mortal university of life:

                                                                                 those welcomed into the eternal edifice of God.

For the crowbars of life have no leverage to dislodge the acclaimed of God,

                                                                   to recreate an orphan,

                                                                   to bring dishonour to the faith-filled,

                                                 to tear down that for which God has spent a lifetime in preparing:

                                                                                                                            the reality of the cross.

For the upright Cross of Christ,

                                   of The Messiah,

                                   of The Coming King,

                                                    leads and gathers His people out from their lands of ‘Egypt’:

                                                                                       so to set them free;

                                                                   so to set them before The Father as the people of My flock;

                                              so to set them readied for their inheritance in the throne rooms of God.”


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