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The Quest for Holiness (24.12.13)

“The quest for holiness is often a search parameter of man in his walk with God,

                                      is often initiated without the commitment to completion,

                                      is ofter a passing thought whose reality remains unknown,

                                      is often partaken while knowledge is still uncertain,

                                                                  while understanding is unconfirmed,

                                                                  while wisdom is yet to be attained.

The quest for holiness is for the earnest and the committed who would visit the courts of praise;

                                                                                       visit the hallowed halls of worship;

                                                                                       visit the curtain torn asunder for the blameless and the free;

                                                                                       visit the temple filled with silence in the presence of My Spirit;

                                                                                       visit the temple filled with glory for the sacrificial lamb;

                                                                                       visit the bema of the mercy seat replete with the throne of justice;

                                                                                       visit the sanctuary of the audience for the spirit and the soul –

                                                                                                                  wherein they are both made fully welcome –

                                                                      as they await their invitation to advance past the refiner’s fire:

                                                                                                                                     in the presence of the cherubim,

                                                                                                                  into the throne room of The Light.

The quest for holiness is not undertaken lightly,

                                     is not fulfilled casually on a Sabbath’s afternoon,

                                     is not completed within the time tabling of man,

                                     is not for the nervous and the uncertain,

                                     is not for the late and the impatient,

                                     is not for the frivolous and the flippant.

The quest for holiness is not learnt by rote;

                                     is not validated by agreement;

                                     is not a journey open to being shared;

                                     is not completed within the urgency of man;

                                     is not an issue unless purity needs a fall of grace at the decision queue waiting on the soul;

                                     is not impractical unless the supplicant stalls at the refiner’s fire:

                                     is not permitted when the level of the fear of God fails to honour the protocols of heaven.

The quest for holiness honours the intent of the freewill of man.

The quest for holiness tests the objectives of the soul.

The quest for holiness is predominant in the spirit’s captaincy.

The quest for holiness brings no fear of the second death;

                                     holds no fear of the surfacing of a lie;

                                     shows no fear of the presence of the umbrella of grace;

                                     knows no fear of rejection by The God of his creation;

                                     carries the fear of God to bear on his walk with God.

The quest for holiness develops conversations with God.

The quest for holiness is circumspect and reverent,

                                     is auspicious and prolonged,

                                     is righteous and definitive.

The quest for holiness focusses man’s objectives on the inheritance of the cross;

                                     affirms the strength of relationship with The Alpha and The Omega;

                                     acquires the wisdom to be shared with man by his loving God;

                                     teaches what is meant by being a living sacrifice;

                                     brings understanding to the knowledge stream received from The Spirit –

                                                                                                    in the all enveloping realities of The Spirit’s tongues;

                                     witnesses to the significance of the benefit in achieving fluency in the sixth sense of man.

The quest for holiness should be inherent in the bride of Christ;

                                     is the pathway to inheritance bestowed upon the family of God;

                                     is the profoundest state achievable in the personal relationship between man and his loving living God.”


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