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The Rescuing of Man (2.2.14)

“The rescuing of man touches the heart of God.

The rescuing of man is made difficult by the freewill of man,

                                  can establish possibilities which would infringe freewill,

                                  can pose plausible questions asked by man in the absence of the wisdom known to God.

The rescuing of man sometimes seeks answers which are dependent on the future,

                                                                            which are tagged for a future answer,

                                                                            which may leave man with a sense of an uncaring God –

                                                                                   as an answer in the present goes wanting for the future.

The rescuing of man is in the hands of the caring God,

                                  has the attention of God every waking minute of man,

                                                                          every sleeping minute of man –

                                                                          every activity of man as measured by all he says and does.

The rescuing of man can be kept at bay by the freewill of man,

                                  can be kept as if preserved like fruit within a jar,

                                  can be kept too long in outlasting all the days of man,

                                  can be kept too long when the jar is never opened and the fruit is never tasted,

                                  can be kept too long as the angels with their timetables shed the tears of sorrow at what is not to be,

                                                                                                                                    at what has been lost without inspection,

                                                                                                     at what has been left to gather dust within a jar placed up high –

                                                                                                                                almost out of reach of a rarely groping hand.

The rescuing of man is dependent on the bride,

                                  is dependent on the obedience,

                                  is dependent on the truth,

                                  is dependent on the faith,

                                  is dependent on the grace,

                                  is dependent on the love of God.

The rescuing of man is dependent on the nurturing of heaven.

The rescuing of man is preferred to be without the intervention of God:

                                               that faith may not be weakened by events of proof initiated by God,

                                               that faith may grow to dominance as a seedling gathers strength,

                                               that faith may spread its wings and learn to fly in the company of God,

                                                                                                      in the flock of God,

                                                                                                      in the family of God:

                                                                 as faith comes to be at home in the household of faith where grace abounds to prosper.

The rescuing of man can call for much assistance,

                                  can call into the heavens,

                                  can call throughout the earth,

                                  can call at a gathering place of My bride-in-waiting,

                                  can call on the ether where the voices of The Lord await to answer queries of sincerity,

                                                                                                                queries of puzzlement,

                                                                                                                queries of non-belief,

                                                                                                                queries of pain,

                                                                                                                queries of health,

                                                                                                                queries of the future,

                                                                                                                queries associated with the reason for a life.

The rescuing of man is likely to see witnesses at a divine appointment:

                                                                              a golden moment in a life,

                                                                              a time set by God for the onset of commitment,

                                                                              the timing of a would-be guest who would come to stay –

                                                                                                        who hears the spirit knocking for the attention of the heart,

                                                                                                        who has the full attention of the soul,

                                                                                                        who has the body registering the activity of God.

The rescuing of man is a wonder to behold,

                                  confirms in the heart the existence of God,

                                  sets the destiny of choice to the forefront of a life,

                                  gathers the body soul and spirit in acclamation of the change of heart,

                                  welcomes My Spirit to a newly founded temple,

                                  changes attitudes to the celebration of a life as eyes open to what now appears to be surroundings fit for kings,

                                  imparts gratitude as the ability of grace is recognized in the cleansing of a life.

The rescuing of man is the turning point in life well worth the greatest of emphasis:

                                                                            well worth the time of man spent in investigation,

                                                                            well worth the effort of My servants charged both to share and to inspire,

                                                                            well worth the outcome of the destiny –

                                                                                                                        selected for each soul to be at home with God,

                                                                            well worth knowing the will of God for the impact on converting a house into a

                                                                            well worth the ability to perceive the works of God with all which that implies.

The rescuing of man is well worth the knowledge,

                                                        the wisdom,

                                                                     of being counted within the family of God:

                                 that bestowing on each a new beginning within the on-going existence of man.”


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