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The Saints in Song (12.5.15)

“The saints in song reach out to one another in encouragement,

                                reach out unto the multitudes with messages of affirmation,

                                reach out to the presence of God with praise in adulation.

The saints in song interpret their souls unto God,

                                             their hearts unto those in need of comfort,

                                             their spirits unto those dwelling at a distance.

The saints in song showcase a choir in full voice,

                              showcase a gathering at large,

                              showcase the triumphs of God,

                              showcase beliefs reflected in joy,

                              showcase testimonies of faith in song,

                              showcase the wonder of the voice when worshipping the living God.

The saints in song have choices from the ages,

                              have selections with relevance laid before them,

                              have programmes from all aspects of communal life upon the earth.

The saints in song have ranges only some can reach,

                              have volumes only some can attain,

                              have emphases enhanced by instruments in tune,

                              have pitch in declaration of the scope.

The saints in song have sincerity with the verse,

                              have belief in participation,

                              have integrity of purpose,

                              have the measure of the time.

The saints in song are measured in their delivery of excellence,

                              are measured in the progression of a chord,

                              are measured in the unison of a note.

The saints in song are enthused by approval,

                              are rewarded by applause,

                              are thrilled by achievement.

The saints in song feast on the written word,

                              feast on the composer’s skill,

                              feast on the practise to perfection.

The saints in song have individual choice of what they sing,

                              can omit that which conflicts with the past,

                                             that which conflicts with the truth,

                                             that which conflicts with righteousness,

                                             that which conflicts with the confession of the saints.

The saints in song are tied within their freewill responsibilities:

                                                                  as to the intent of the music master,

                                                                  as to the presentation of the timbre,

                                                                  as to the wordscape of proclamation,

                                                                  as to the theme being propounded.

The saints in song arise in faith,

                              arise in sequences of presentation,

                              arise in solo and in harmony,

                              arise in rest and in the fervour of the note call.

The saints in song invest in unison,

                              invest in promptness,

                              invest in fitness,

                              invest in the suitability of the clothing as selected,

                              invest in the decorum of the saints before their God.

The saints in song do not converse in the midst of a song,

                              do not cause a distraction causing heads to turn,

                              do not bring up the trivial when tendering an opinion,

                              do not attend when coughing is to the fore.

The saints in song are ministering to the spirit and the soul,

                              are ministering to all the ages met within mortality,

                              are ministering both to the dying and the damned.

The saints in song have an effect upon an audience which cannot be fully evaluated,

                                                                                  which can only be presented within the will of God,

                                                                                  which can only reach out unto salvations –

                                                                      when songs are from the heart with intensity of expression.

The saints in song call from the worldly day into the field of praise,

                                                                        into the field of worship:

                                                                        into the sacrament within the field of holiness.

The saints in song hold the ear of God;

                              know the ear of God,

                              fill the ear of God.”


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