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The Scales of God (15.7.13)

“The repository of man within eternity is as measured by the scales of his freewill

                                                              which never point to zero,

                                                                         are as a summation of his character as known by God,

                                                                         are as reported by the slate kept by the angels.

The repository of man does not arise from a see-saw in a playground,

                                    does not arise from a short-term tug-of-war resulting in the short end of the rope,

                                    does not arise from a game of chance with unbalanced odds.

The repository of man is in line with the applications of freewill:

                                                    with the decisions seen to favour one above the other,

                                                    with the outcomes showing wisdom in the choice or folly in the disregarding.

So the trials are summed:

                                    so the trials are weighed,

                                    so the trials display their tendency for honour or respect.

For as the freewill of man is trialled by life so the decision-making is displayed in accountability,

                                                                      so the results are clear,

                                                                      so the effect is deemed,

                                                                      so the repository is acquired as decided by the actions of the soul.

For the angels watch and hope as the scales are unlocked at the ending of mortality.

So the angels rejoice or become tearful as they see those entrusted to their care surmount or crumple as the scales of God assess the repositories in store –

                                    as freewill actions are encountered at the scene of accountability –

                                    as freewill actions cannot be reversed –

                                    as freewill actions are confirmed by outcomes which so tilt the scales of God.

The scales of God are true and just,

                              are accurate and aligned,

                              are sensitive and responsive.

The scales of God can display the record on request,

                              give no cause for complaint,

                              are confirmed as reliable upon request for a deep assessment of the bounds of variance.

The scales of God are tinker-proof,

                              are sealed prior to each assessment,

                              portray either the destiny of choice or the destiny of default where respect is to the fore.

The scales of God are not overturned upon appeal.”


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