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The Scepticism of Man (22.1.14)

“The scepticism of man has a place within his being,

                                       has a place in his perception,

                                       has a place in his evaluation,

                                       has a place in his acceptance of the truth.

The scepticism of man,

                        operating without the spirit’s checks,

                                               can keep the soul subdued,

                                               can keep the soul in darkness –

                                                                                          starving and unfed.

The scepticism of man can be as a donkey braying at the hay:

                                                          displayed before him yet unrecognized;

                                                          before him yet not consuming that already present –

                                                                                                           that present without tasting;

                                                                    before that present can bring a message of satisfaction;

                                                                    before that present can nourish both the spirit and the soul –

                                                                                                               to so affect the portrait of the glove.

The scepticism of man does not answer the ‘What if … ?’ questions in a life,

                                                                 prevents the discovery of viable alternatives,

                                                                 leaves man ensconced in his seats of comfort,

                                                                                     sees man imprisoned by fixation:

                                                          overlooking that which may be of surprising value –

                                                                    as such are cast among the detritus of the day.

The scepticism of man can bind man by encircling him in familiar concepts:

                                                          to not test those encountered in his humanity;

                                                          to not test those for the truth on offer;

                                                          to not recognize where the truth fits within mortality;

                                                          to not receive the counsel –

                                                                    that well on its way to being rejected as the make-believe of man.

The scepticism of man cuddles up to his intellect,

                                             blows the fuse as it short-circuits that which will stretch the understanding of man,

                                                                                                   that which will expand the concepts borne to improve a life,

                                                                                                   that which will deprive a life from where the lifeblood would

                                                                                                                                                             lead the spirit and the soul.

The scepticism of man can brighten up a day,

                                     can lead to worthwhile investigations,

                                     can assist in establishing the principles for affirmation within a life.

The scepticism of man has a minor place within the truth;

                                     will enable separation of the lies added to the truth;

                                     will not have the spirit recoil nor the soul shrink from what the truth declares.

The scepticism of man is as a surrounding hawthorn hedge acting as a cage:

                                                                        preventing the two-way penetration of the world –

                                                                                 sifting and filtering as an approach is made,

                                                                                                                 as an approach is heard,

                                                                                                                 as an approach is seen;

                                                                        casting a shaded response where once was light;

                                                                        censoring an approach of interest;

                                                                        muffling the spoken word of wisdom and of knowledge;

                                                                        spiking the written word of a record worthy of assimilation.

The scepticism of man can lock man in as a slave unto his knowledge source:

                                     requires perspicacity to break free,

                                     needs a mind trimmed as a sail in readiness to catch the freshening breeze –

                                                        readied to embark upon a journey,

                                                        readied to reach out and so to seize the day,

                                                        readied to set new roots to be embedded in the rock of truth,

                                                        readied so to grow as a lighthouse for guarding a safe harbour –

                                                                           wherein the honouring,

                                                                                                      or the respecting,

                                                                           of freewill from within mortality so determines either destiny.

The scepticism of man when mixed with pride counts the cost before the gain,

                                                                            assumes knowledge of the cost of everything,

                                                                            actually knows the value of very little.

The scepticism of man can be either a curse or a blessing:

                                      can be rampant or controlled,

                                      can be as a blindfold or foreseeing,

                                      can be inhibiting or expansive,

                                      can be inexperienced or mature,

                                      can be unyielding or exploratory,

                                      can be austere or sympathetic.

The scepticism of man should bring relief to the concerns of man,

                                      should resolve the variance in the possibilities,

                                      should hone the perceptive edge for assisting in decisions,

                                      should ensure blessings follow in the wake of the use of the tools available to man.”


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