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The Shell of Man (20.10.12)

“The shell of man is both a blessing and a curse –

                                                                       to man in his realm –

                                                                       to God in His realm.

The shell of man is a blessing to man in its potential for man:

                                                                                     for all of its enablements,

                                                                                     for all of its structuring,

                                                                                     for all of its senses with their capabilities,

                                                                                     for all of its great promise inherent in the hosting of My Spirit.

The shell of man is a blessing to God in its beauty of creation in the presence of God,

                            is the blessing of the ages as its being comes into fruition,

                            is the blessing of eternity as its being is transformed into the full fruition of accompanying God.

The shell of man is a curse to man in its bearing of the pains of man,

                                                        in its bearing of the ageing process which impairs its health,

                                                        in its bearing of imprisonment within mortality in time.

The shell of man is a curse to God in being the attack weapon of the devil,

                                                        in being the target for the corrupting of the soul,

                                                        in being so naive as to play in the playground of Satan with his temptations strewn around for use.

The shell of man is both archaic and futuristic,

                            travels from the past with baggage,

                                        into the present of opportunity,

                                        into the future with expectations.

The shell of man is both mortal and eternal,

                            carries both the spirit and the soul –

                            carries both the character and the memory –

                            carries both the purpose and the intent –

                            carries both the description and the being of existence –

                            carries both the life force and the mind complete.

The shell of man cannot be retrospective nor be retroactive:

                                                                         either in the physical or in the spiritual.

The shell of man witnesses judgements,

                                                as encountered,

                                                                  based on the content of the books of record and the appellants with due cause.

The shell of man is progressive in its nature,

                            is progressive in its composition,

                            is progressive in its constructs.

The shell of man is progressive in appearance when within eternity outside of time:

                                                                                                                         as step functions are acquired,

                                                                                                                                 are applied,

                                                                                                                                 are attuned to deed.

The shell of man is both sensitive and impervious to attack depending on the stage of man –

                                                                                         whether in the mortality of man or in the eternity of God.

The shell of man accompanies the spirit and the soul within mortality,

                                  will lose contact with both –

                                            when respect for freewill places the soul within the eternity of default.

The shell of man can be imprisoned or released,

                            can be destroyed or accompanied –

                                                        depending on location,

                                                        depending on the status of the soul,

                                                        depending on the success or failure of the spirit seeking early captaincy.”


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