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The Sin Resident Within (7.2.14)

“The sin resident within My bride-to-be requires perseverance to dispel such from where it sits in comfort,

                                                                                                                            from where it sits with no fresh impulse to be moved,

                                                                                                                            from where it sits disqualifying My bride-in-waiting.

The sin resident within My bride-to-be can make the angels stationary in shock,

                       as the angels re-encounter that which should have been addressed,

                                                                  that which will have no right of passage,

                                                                  that which will bring a temple crashing down,

                                                                  that which prevents acceptance by God,

                                                                  that which is impure and traipses leaving mess,

                                                                  that which has never been acknowledged as being in the life of man,

                                                                  that which remains outside the covering of grace.

The sin resident within My bride-to-be has the angels puzzled as to the lack of action,

                                                                                                    as to the level of perception exhibited by man,

                                                                                                    as to the life of man trudging back and forth:

                                                                                                                                while burdened by his load of sin.

The sin resident within My bride-to-be promotes the circling round the mountain of grace;

                                                               repeatedly attempts the accessing of My altar;

                                                               keeps my pastoral teams busy with attempts to free themselves and My people;

                                                                                all to no avail in the absence of confession,

                                                                                                        in the absence of repentance –

                                                                                     those which should no longer be a stumbling block:

                                                                                            yet being encountered continually by My would-be-bride.

The sin resident within My bride-to-be includes familiarity with lies which are the bases of deception;

                                                               includes the eventual breaking of promises which become tomorrow’s lies;

                                                               includes impurity of thought when regarding both the opposite and like genders of man;

                                                               includes self-stimulation in the privacy of a closet;

                                                               includes flirting with those who are outside the bounds of eligibility –

                                                                                 as the spirit with the flesh are tempted by the lusting of the soul;

                                                               includes envy and jealousy as man surveys his fellow man –

                                                                                 from within a heart of covetousness.

              The apportioning by man of ‘colours’ and claims of ‘joking’ to the lies does not reduce the intensity of the falsehoods in
                                                                                                                                                                                     the sight of God.

              The promise which imprisons the future of man should in wisdom carry the conditional suffix of ‘… God willing.’ –

                                                                                                                                                                              as in times gone by –

                                                                                        when decay of the promise is prevented from gaining the attribution of a lie.

              The dress code of the genders of man should be selected in wisdom:

                                                                     not to so affect the opposing genders,

                                                                                              the like genders,

                                                                                                      within each way of life.

              The marriage bed is the place to share,

                                            is the place where honour is retained,

                                            is the place where interruptions should not occur,

                                            is the place where God is honoured –

                                                                     as new life is created by man for God’s created spirits as intended.

              Sexual showcasing speaks of pride and injury,

                                              speaks of shame and adultery,

                                              speaks of brokenness and unfulfilment:

                                                       in the lives of the participants who choose to dwell outside the station of the cross.

              Envy and jealousy display the greed of man,

                                             encourage a scowl upon a face,

                                             encourage the tongue to confess the inner attitude,

                                             encourage dissatisfaction with a life attained:

                                                       rather than standing in the sense of accomplishment for the effort expended –

                                                                       exploring joyously what the future holds in wisdom.

The sin resident within My bride-to-be should be dealt with while it is today,

                                                                                        while in the presence of the availability of grace,

                                                                                        while counsel of meaning and sincerity still await the confidence of enquiry,

                                                                                        while progression is not halted as My bride achieves her goals,

                                                                                        while the angels recommence rejoicing as sin is seen receding.

The sin resident within My bride-to-be is a blockage which needs to be overcome,

                                                                                      which needs to be vanquished in totality,

                                                                                      which needs to yield control to a temple worthy of its keeping.

My would-be-bride will be keeping,

                                       in completeness,

      My two commandments which authorise,

                                       by invitation,

                            the access to the heavens.”


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