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The Throne of God (15.10.12)

“The throne of God is for the seating of God,

                                 is for none other than God,

                                 is an extension of God within His spheres of holiness.

The throne of God presents with power and with authority,

                               projects the majesty and the presence,

                               upholds the judgement seat of God for man:

                                                             before The Great White Throne of splendour,

                                                             before The Great White Throne of righteousness,

                                                             before The Great White Throne of justice,

                                                             before The Great White Throne of God –

                                                                                             whereon God presents in unity.

The throne of God carries His seat of power in interaction with all His firmaments at large:

                                                                                              with all His creations;

                                                                                              with all He knows and does;

                                                                                              with all He names and calls.

The throne of God is the seat of measurement and of assessment,

                                                of righteousness and of judgment,

                                                of edicts and of rules,

                                                of glory and of reign.

The throne of God has differing state rooms of being,

                               appears equipped and suited for the functions as allocated by the seraphim,

                               knows the thrones of the family of God with their dispositions,

                               knows the thrones of kinship befitting of the saints –

                                                                                                each with their estate as seized.

The throne of God is magnificent and imperial in the finish of presentation,

                               is robust and built for surveying time,

                                                             for outlasting time,

                                                             for existence throughout the eternity of God.

The throne of God is not seen as dressing up or dressing down,

                               is seen one at a time according to the application,

                                                                according to the functioning,

                                                                according to the edicts to be handed down,

                                                                according to the calls to stand before,

                                                                according to the need for the setting of the room.

The throne of God elucidates and imparts,

                               counsels and commits,

                               instates and conducts the affairs of God.

The throne of God is at present the repository of grace.

The throne of God is not the dwelling place of grace.

The throne of God with grace is soon to become again unknown to man –

                                     as his time in grace reaches its zenith then disappears in company with faith.”


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