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The Ultimatums of God (8.4.14)

“The ultimatums of God are not directed at His end-time people.

The ultimatums of God are directed at the faithless –

                                                              the agnostics who know not what to think;

                                                              the atheists who know not where to think;

                                                              the godless who know not how to think;

                                                              the idolaters who know not why to think;

                                                              the evolutionists who know not when to think –

                                                                for all have commonality of access;

                                                                      all have commonality of senses;

                                                                      all have commonality of intellect;

                                                                      all have commonality of arriving at conclusions;

                                                                      all have commonality of misconstruing the structured input to their lives:

                                                                      all have commonality of not knowing the advantage in stopping so to think –

                                                                                                                                                            with a destiny at stake.

The ultimatums of God will bring the wrath of God upon the nations who birth iniquities,

                                                                                            the nations governed by the war lords,

                                                                                            the nations listed as the liars where corruption reigns,

                                                                                            the nations where idolatry is rife,

                                                                                            the nations who ignore the cautions and rebukes of God,

                                                                                            the nations who murder their young within the wombs,

                                                                                            the nations who ignore the commandments of The Lord.

The ultimatums of God call those responsible to account:

                                      call those who think they hide in their igloos of deceit,

                                      call those who think the barricades will hold,

                                      call those who believe their anonymity is preserved,

                                      call those who have butchered and have maimed,

                                      call those without the morals born of God,

                                      call those who usurped vengeance unto themselves.

The ultimatums of God are not to be ignored in these end-times –

                                                      as the days available to grace begin to count in unison with the metronome of Time.

The ultimatums of God expire in the time of the great tribulation of man,

                                      expire when grace is unaccepted,

                                      expire when the world is committed to the refiner’s fire.

The ultimatums of God dissipate the wilful in their disobedience,

                                                                      in their neglect,

                                                                      in their abdication of responsibilities,

                                                                      in their scathing attacks upon the righteousness of God,

                                                                      in their accountability before the great white throne.

The ultimatums of God are not imposed without due notice for a change,

                                      are not imposed without sufficient time to alter an approach,

                                      are not imposed without consideration of the alternatives available to man.

The ultimatums of God are reflective of a change insisted on by God,

                                      are expressive of the illnesses and the doctoring of palliatives –

                                                                                                                         which do not remove the roots,

                                      are instigated after the passing of the centuries with very little sign of activities –

                                                                                                                         addressing the social evils of humanity.

The ultimatums of God are incurred as curses start increasing,

                                                           as greed is seen to explode with fragments taking root,

                                                           as life is only valued for its building blocks within the commercial paths of man,

                                                           as the worst of man in deed resets the attitude of man.

The ultimatums of God attack the attitudes of the family of man,

                                                 the sacred trending to the secular,

                                                 the cheapening of values heralded in the cartooning of man,

                                                 the searching of the media for ways and means to destroy the marriage bed –

                                                          to rid the contact from being face to face –

                                                          to bring man to be behaving as the animals –

                                                                                to bequeath acceptability:

                                                                     on that once known to be abhorrent in unnatural satisfaction;

                                                          to dress up the images which no longer reflect the truth;

                                                          to tout for the latest news to sensationalize and linger over every bleeding fragment;

                                                          to introduce the visual filled with titillation;

                                                          to show ad nauseam the failings of man with the embellishment of profanities;

                                                                                           with the visual pornography made for displaying in the living areas of man.

The ultimatums of God result in destruction from the wrath of God,

                                                                       from the wrath of God foretold yet still awaiting a semblance of a change,

                                                                       from the wrath of God maturing in the visions as seen by My servants –

                                                                                                                          My prophets whom I know from the old,

                                                                                                                                                                               the new,

                                                                                                                                                                               the now.

The ultimatums of God should not be dismissed,

                                      should not be ignored,

                                      should not be underestimated for power or for authority.

The ultimatums of God will fall on expiry into the reality of man,

                                                                     into the end time tribulation,

                                                              as the vengeance of The Living God seeks His quarries as they try to flee.

               Woe on woe to those who incur the wrath of God –

                                                                                          for mighty are His ways and mighty to be feared.”


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