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The Vanity of Man (24.7.13)

“The vanity of man does not serve him beyond the grave,

                                does not serve him well prior to the grave.

The vanity of man is encouraged by the couturiers of the earth,

                                                          the advertisers of the earth,

                                                          the factories of lotions:

                                                                          in all their many guises;

                                                                to fit the ills and wills of man,

                                                                to become as a chameleon,

                                                                to preen changes in a mirror,

                                                                to seek changes on the scales.

The vanity of man would adjust his body until it meets with his approval,

                                                           until it yields to his reshaping,

                                                           until it matches the clothing of the day,

                                                           until it is groomed for the pleasure of the night.

The vanity of man sees the imperfections in the likeness of God,

                               sees the imperfections in the temple of God;

                               ignores the plank within the eye that hides the sin from view,
                   ignores the plank within the eye which lies to the beholder of the image as dissatisfaction is achieved

                                                                                                                                                           and foolishness established.

The vanity of man is established by those with little interest in other than their purse,

                                                                                    in other than achieving on-going dissatisfaction,

                                   in other than recurring visits to refill at great expense what has been expended on the frivolous.

The vanity of man is prolonged by the lies of man,

                                                    by no longer desiring to hear the truth,

                                                    by no longer welcoming an assessment which does not fit the image sought.

The vanity of man should be addressed within My bride,

                               should not spill over into disfigurement with embellishment,

                               should not impress images which may later bring regret,

                               should not hearken to advice without value from those without the welfare of the soul embedded in their heart.”


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