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The Wedding Feast of The Lamb (3.10.12)

“The wedding feast of The Lamb is the presence of all of My beloved,

                                                          the presence of all of My beloved before The Father,

                                                          the presence of all of My beloved in the company of My Spirit,

                                                          the presence of all of My beloved intermingling with the guests who have served them well.

The guests of My beloved have many stories of their service,

                                                                         of things to be recounted,

                                                                         of matters to which they attended with willingness and zeal.

The hosts of heaven are the guests at the marriage feast of The Lamb,

                                                        dressed in all their fineries,

                                                        presented with acclamations in greetings out of time,

                                                        meeting each and all face to face –

                                                        all for whom they laboured so diligently through the night.

The diligence of The Hosts was needed and appreciated:

                                            comprised the team of searchers for the lost in very rugged country;

                                            comprised the team with food and lodgings when there was nowhere to rest the head;

                                                                were the welcome party of support at the base camp of supplies;

                                                                were the rescuers from the mountain where life itself was nearly lost;

                                                                were the watchers and the keepers of protection from the howling storms of misery;

                                                                were the preparers and the cleaners of the homes of all the dwellings within grace;

                                                                were the attendants and the servers of the multitudes at prayer;

                                                                were the overseers and the administers to all the souls in care;

                                                                were the providers and the contributors to the welfare of My saints;

                                                                were the helpmates for the infirm,

                                                                                                with the sick and the wounded,

                                                                                                                  who could not walk unaided:

                                                                                                                                 who were confined to bed,

                                                                                                                                 who were confined to chairs,

                                                                                                                                 who were confined to care.

All My saints,

           in deed,

                    at the wedding feast of The Lamb –

                                                 stand in full health with their intellect of wisdom;

                                                 are restored with fresh senses suited to surroundings,

                                                                             knowing full expression with mobility of being.

The wedding feast of The Lamb is the grandest of reunions on a massive scale,

                                                                             of reunions of encounters,

                                                                             of reunions based on birth lines,

                                                                             of reunions of relationships,

                                                                             of reunions of ancestral dependency,

                                                                             of reunions for the qualified and the just.

The wedding feast of The Lamb is not limited by time,

                                                    is not rushed to completion,

                                                    is extensive and conducive to the histories of the saints.

The wedding feast of The Lamb has merriment galore,

                                                    has no difficulties of circulation,

                                                    has no difficulties in locating the sought and verified.

The gowns at the wedding feast of The Lamb are something to behold,

                                                                          are resplendent in their auras of distinctiveness;

                                            raise many questions on their makeup and composition;

                                            raise much laughter and enjoyment in the regaling of the memories:

                                                                                                              associated with such vividness of detail;

                                            raise many eyebrows in amazement –

                                                                as the testimonies of answered prayer come to the fore from spirits with their souls.

The wedding feast of The Lamb is marked with jollity and happiness,

                                                                     with exuberance and rejoicing,

                                                                     with decorum and presentation.

The wedding feast of The Lamb is a growing memory,

                                                     is an expanding vision for applauding,

                                                     is an on-going satisfaction to be present in such company within the family of God.”


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