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The Wonders of The Earth (12.1.14)

“The wonders of the Earth are there to encroach upon the mind of man:

                                                          to witness that which is driven to be created by great effort from within the vision held by man,

                                                          to testify of the oversight of God as He dresses His garden,

                                                          to be on such a scale that they are difficult to be quantified by the mind of man.

The wonders of the Earth often are bent to the will of man,

                                         often are destroyed as history is replaced within the present,

                                         often are replenished in each recurring season of creation:

                                                                      so the rains restock the rivers,

                                                                      so the snow restocks the playgrounds among the mountain tops,

                                                                      so the tides churn the seas for the benefit of life.

The wonders of the Earth are seen upon the artwork of the canopy,

                                                       upon the scope and scale of life:

                                                       upon the variety of the leaf;

                                                       upon the variety of seaborne existence;

                                                       upon the variety of life upon the wing;

                                                       upon the variety of life which comes and goes.

The wonders of the Earth are seen in a mirror,

                                         are seen in all their glory,

                                         are seen in the likeness of their God.

The wonders of the Earth have a mindset of discovery,

                                                 a mindset for the enhancing of life,

                                                 a mindset for the growing to maturity with skills and abilities.

The wonders of the Earth are dressed in different ways,

                                         are captured by their culture,

                                         are harnessed in their chariots for directing their freewill.

The wonders of the Earth succumb to the heat of the day,

                                         succumb to sleep at night,

                                         succumb both to thirst and to food,

                                         succumb to forces which endeavour to exert control on the agency of man –

                                                                                                his freewill for which he struggles to be free. 

The wonders of the Earth navigate the lands,

                                         navigate the seas,

                                         navigate the heavens:

                                                     whether above below or beyond.

The wonders of the Earth have wonders of construction,

                                         have wonders packed very densely,

                                         have wonders of expansion,

                                         have wonders preserved for recreation,

                                         have wonders drawing visitors from afar,

                                         have wonders which approach the boundaries of believability,

                                         have wonders which put life itself at risk.

The wonders of the Earth are vocal in their singing,

                                         are variable in commitment,

                                         are rusty in their adhering to the truth.

The wonders of the Earth know other facets of their lives:

                                                       those which speak of squalor and deprivation,

                                                                                      of enslavement and hardship,

                                                                                      of despair and lack of knowledge.

The wonders of the Earth seek and search and labour for a better life,

                                   to see new wonders surpass the old,

                                   to see wonders of maturity established and secure,

                                   to know wonders with a vision can attain the very heights,

                                                                                     can achieve the goals expected,

                                                                                     can reach the objectives on which their dreams were based.

The wonders of the Earth can escape the drudgery inherited,

                                         can escape into surroundings filled with the wonders of the wonders,

                                         can reach out in gratitude to bring other wonders to the high plateaux –

                                                             which clearly are the viewing platforms for where the wonders peak –

                                                                                      to be displayed and held in awe as others would so venture to achieve.

The wonders of the Earth are not to be maligned:

                                         are to be congratulated on commitment while it is today;

                                         are to be the centre of rejoicing –

                                                                      as each destiny of freewill wonder is honoured in its wisdom;

                                         are to be shepherded to completion with the garland readied for awarding;

                                         are to be led in righteousness to where the truth is verified and faith is fully justified.”



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