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This Archetypal Year (1.1.14)

“This archetypal year,

             as it dawns,

                     carries on its wings entrance into a fresh encircling of the sun,

                                                     entrance into a new thrust for man,

                                                     entrance into fresh surroundings where fire abounds in this end-time season of the age.

This archetypal year inscribes a marker on the heart of man,

                                  inscribes a marker of intent,

                                  inscribes a marker of progression,

                                  inscribes a marker of achievement,

                                  inscribes a marker within a testimony,

                                  inscribes the immediacy of change,

                                                 the immediacy of expectancy,

                                                 the immediacy of the countdown,

                                                 the immediacy of anticipation and farewell.

This archetypal year is of significance on the calendar of man,

                                  brings an examination of the past,

                                  calls for hope within the future.

This archetypal year carries anticipation for improvement in the circumstances of man,

                                                                       improvement in the capabilities of man,

                                                                       improvement in the knowledge of man,

                                                                       improvement in the voyaging of man,

                                                                       improvement in the quests of man,

                                                                       improvements in the life of man.

This archetypal year dresses hope upon achievement,

                                  dresses faith upon activities,

                                  dresses integrity upon the will.

             The dressing of man –

                                  of how he chooses to be clothed –

                                                                       is a measure of his past his present and his future,

                                                                       is a measure of his weakness,

                                                                       is a measure of his strength,

                                                                       is a measure of the viability of his spirit,

                                                                       is a measure of the destiny of his soul,

                                                                       is a measure of the stature of his character.

             The dressing of man includes his home and lifestyle,

                                               includes his livelihood and his means of transport,

                                               includes his shopfront of self-presentation,

                                               includes all contained within his stocktake,

                                               includes his toys and cravings,

                                               includes all he worships in the daylight and upon the fall of night.

             The dressing of man sets the scene of identity,

                                               sets the scene of preservation of his ownership,

                                               sets the scene of pride in all its many facets,

                                               sets the scene for selected idolatry,

                                               sets the scene to be filled with either belief or denial,

                                               sets the scene in which he dwells and seeks to have his aspirations filled.

This archetypal year of note ushers in a new cycle of life,

                                              ushers in a new cycle of forecasts,

                                              ushers in the washing of the slate from errors of the past.

This archetypal year brings vitality in outlook,

                                             vitality in perception,

                                             vitality in livelihood.

This archetypal year calls for a greater vision,

                                          for an extending of the vision,

                                          for a fresh declaration of a vision for each nation,

                                                                                                 for each city-state,

                                                                                                 for each area where demarcation of a boundary sets the extent of the
                                                                                                                                                    particularity of change.

This archetypal year would see the visions absorbed by the peoples;

                                                                     filling them with viewpoints from where they too can sample the beauty arising from
                                                                                                                                                           their efforts;

                                                                     enhancing the prospects for all whom they hold so dear;

                                                                     clasping the valued and the precious in closeness to their hearts;

                                                                                                                                               with the intent of righteousness.

This archetypal year will be remembered for the content it has imbued within the sequence of its days which follow;

                                                                                              has installed in catering to the dreams within the visions;

                                                                                              has brought into the future reality of man to so effect his destiny.”
                                                                                                                                (Wed., 1.1.2014)



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