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Satanic Influence (21.4.15)

“Satanic influence is endemic in the ways of the world where the fear of God is not present,

                                                  where the manifested will of man breaks the heart of God,

                                                  where the turbulence of living in the flesh decries righteousness in condoning the abortion of the

                                                  where bed fellows of matching genders lie in satisfaction in the shaming of the marriage bed,

                                                  where idolatry and blasphemy decide the way of life,

                                                  where commitment to the Lord’s discipleship is absent and denied,

                                                  where the gowns of life are neither decorated nor witness accrual of the jewels,

                                                  where the destiny of choice made in wisdom and in love is absent –

                                                                                                                   so leaving the destiny of default in play,

                                                  where procrastination may then so win the day without commitment to the cross of grace.

Satanic influence is the will of Satan active and accepted by a soul in permitting the directing of the freewill of man.

Satanic influence will eventually bring the spirit of man to encounter the second death with the soul going on alone.

Satanic influence is the cause of procrastination where the matters of today are not attended to while it is today.

Satanic influence on the freewill of man is respected within eternity,

                                                                  brings no honour to life within eternity.

Satanic influence is overcome by the repentant soul,

                                                 by the commitment to The Lord Jesus in arising from the cross,

                                                 by the waters of baptism as the second birth,

                                                 by the welcoming of grace,

                                                 by the gifts of the Holy Spirit,

                                                 by a relationship with The Christ for entry into the family of God,

                                                 by a heart of gratitude for the sacrifice of The Father which enables the reconciliation of man,

                                                 by the faith in Christ which brings righteousness to the soul under the captaincy of the spirit of man.

Satanic influence includes the selfish desires of man –









Satanic influence impacts on the belief system seen to be in place,

                             impacts on the relationships bred of argument and dishonouring,

                                                                                   of jealousy and rejection,

                                                                                   of wealth and deceit.

Satanic influence impacts with rejection,

                                          with division,

                                          with anger,

                                          with hopelessness,

                                          with addiction,

                                          with disease.

Satanic influence maximizes unforgiveness,

                             regurgitates the past,

                             invokes the mask of the unfriendly,

                             reiterates the gossip,

                             expands upon a lie,

                             exaggerates the truth.

Satanic influence creates dismay,

                             prepares the suicidal,

                             fawns upon the lonely,

                             brings the forlorn to the boundaries of despair,

                             gravitates to offer introductions to the foolish,

                             investigates the areas of invasion awaiting invitation.

Satanic influence can be rejected and overcome,

                             can be banished from the sphere of influence,

                             can be spread under the searchlight of the Sonlight on the field of grace.

Satanic influence often has an echo,

                             often has a price to pay,

                             often brings disillusionment in its wake,

                             often leaves when opened to inspection from the light.

Satanic influence is at home within the darkness,

                             is a shelterer enwrapped in privacy,

                             is a trapper of the ignorant,

                             is a setter of the deadfalls which bring reality to the dreams,

                             is the beater of the flesh,

                             is the tattooer of the wilful and the weak.

Satanic influence can be left to shrivel in the field of righteousness,

                             can be sequestered in a gaol,

                             can be destroyed by a change of heart,

                             can be overcome by a conscious act of will,

                             can be demolished by an act of faith in The Living Loving God.


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