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A Visitor from Afar (24.6.15)

“A visitor from afar should be listened to carefully.

A visitor from afar brings knowledge of distant happenings,

                               brings knowledge of mutual interests,

                               brings knowledge of the works of God.

A visitor from afar brings a proposal worth the journey,

                               summons wisdom to the fore,

                               counts the cost before committal to a new episode of life.

A visitor from afar has no lie upon his lips,

                               has no deceit within his heart,

                               has the counsel of My Spirit in all he sees and does.

A visitor from afar returns the day he came,

                               does not stay at an inn of leisure,

                               should be treated as a king who has come unto a king,

                               is tasked in the service of The King of kings,

                               knows the days of grace are simple and direct.

A visitor from afar speaks directly in the truth,

                               knows of no diversion which would contaminate the truth,

                               seeks no assurance which does not bear the testimony of truth.

A visitor from afar rejoices in his reception,

                               is made welcome on arrival,

                               is offered food and drink to satisfy his hunger and to quench his thirst.

A visitor from afar has relevancy of topic,

                               has consideration of a conscience,

                               has an offer to discuss,

                               requires an answer to his quest.

A visitor from afar is considerate and polite,

                               is knowledgable in standing before God,

                               is familiar with a pulpit.

A visitor from afar transmits the will of God,

                               is seeking confirmation,

                               knows the circumstances of a gift.

A visitor from afar puts forth the word of God,

                               issuing as the counselling passes through the lips,

                               expanding in the content as the context flows to completion,

                               delivers that which is on his heart for mutual consideration.

A visitor from afar is silent when questioned beyond his knowledge,

                               seeks agreement on a course of action,

                               knows of the involvement of The Holy Spirit.

A visitor from afar departs upon his return from whence he came,

                               departs with the answer he had expected,

                               departs with the blessings of God,

                               departs and well remembered for the coming course of action agreed in alignment within the will of God.”


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