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Adhering to The Commitment (3.3.14)

“Adhering to the commitment made to The God of Abraham,

                                                           to The God of The Cross,

                                                           to The God of The Salvation of Man:

                                                                                                           extends until the end of time.

Adhering to the commitment extends past the frequency of distractions,

                                               extends past the blaming of God for the happenings in a life,

                                               extends past the tugging by the peers which would endanger faith,

                                               extends past the endangerment of man when grace has been allowed to lapse,

                                                                                                             when grace no longer registers,

                                                                                                             when grace has yielded primacy to sin.

Adhering to the commitment ensures the reward as a follower of truth,

                                                                              as a defeater of the lie,

                                                                              as the dismisser of equivocation,

                                                                              as the affirmer of confession,

                                                                              as the builder of a relationship with the greatest of significance,

                                                      as a seeker of the umbrella of grace as it needs to be extended into a murky day.

Adhering to the commitment is the basis of onward preparation,

                                               is the basis for storing treasure beyond the grave,

                                               is the basis for unlocking the interest and concern of God,

                                               is the basis for free-flowing ideas between the mortal and the infinite,

                                               is the basis for upholding the promises of God,

                                               is the basis on which the blessings of God are predicated,

                                               is the basis on which progression is assured.

Adhering to the commitment ensures a change of destiny is not driven by a loss,

                                               ensures the soul learns to accept the direction of the spirit,

                                               ensures the spirit is not put at risk by demonic upheaval,

                                               ensures the heartbeat of the body knows the allotted time span,

                                                                                                    will not quit when only halfway through,

                                                                                                    will not bring anxiety by uncertainty of performance,

                                                                                                    will not bring consultations above a bed by a valve

                                                                                                                                    being difficult in following a lead.

Adhering to the commitment is sought by all components seeking the attaining of the goal,

                                                                                                          the reaching out to completion,

                                                                                                          the breaking of the tape at the end-point of the race well run,

                                                                                                          the bestowal of the garland for the destiny with fellowship.

Adhering to the commitment is prolonged within activities,

                                               is established on foundations made stronger by the day,

                                               becomes more sure as wisdom has a chance to grow on the back of knowledge,

                                               becomes more certain when a two-way conversation becomes the norm –

                                                                                   when the tongues have passed their infancy,

                                                                                   when the tongues are justified in multiplying,

                                                                                   when the tongues are confident in interpreting,

                                                                                   when the tongues have progressed to prophecy which preserves the truth,

                                                                                   when the tongues are qualified for transmitting,

                                                                                   when the tongues attain their fluency,

                                                                                   when the tongues move into the sphere of thought,

                                                                                   when the tongues become capable of leaving the speed of light behind:

                                                                                                                                                      readied for a new beginning.

Adhering to the commitment establishes development and growth,

                                               establishes the attention of God within discipleship,

                                               establishes the confidence of the Holy Spirit,

                                               establishes the foundations of a temple which brings honour and glory to The Son,

                                                                                   as it stands no longer in need of shoring up,

                                                                                                      no longer in need of renovation,

                                                                                          has windows which give clarity of sight,

                                                                                          has a roof of protection for the wisdom which indwells,

                                                                                          has rooms aplenty scrubbed and polished with the plumbing

                                                                                                                                                    working as intended.

Adhering to the commitment with fullness of intent updates the angels as assigned:

                                                                                   constructs a roster of supervision;

                                                                                   compiles the divine appointments;

                                                                                   sequences the taskings for application;

                                                                                   sets the lists in order;

                                                                                   qualifies the opening of doors;

                                                                                   determines the placing of the servant for the footfalls as required;

                                                                                   oversees My people set aside for the ministry envisaged

                                                                                                                                           for those who stand before,

                                                                                                                                           for those who stand beside,

                                                                                                                                           for those who stand in front;

                                                                                   compiles a dossier for each in case an extended word of knowledge

                                                                                                                                            is requested,

                                                                                                                                            is offered,

                                                                                                                                            is brought into a conversation.

Adhering to the commitment is a prerequisite to be within the will of God,

                                                                          to be called by My Spirit to attend,

                                                                          to be invested with the call of God,

                                                                          to be affirmed with the gifts of God,

                                                  to be established where faith with obedience is seen upon the field of miracles:

                                                                                                 which God so loves attending as He meets with the cares of man.

Adhering to the commitment separates the willing from the hesitant,

                                               sorts the active from the reticent,

                                               identifies the selfless and the selfish –

                                               identifies the trustworthy for being welcomed into the presence of God for ministering

                                                                                                                                                       within My will.

Adhering to the commitment forms a record which cannot be refuted,

                                               forms a record which confirms a testimony,

                                                                        which backs up a testimony,

                                                                        which affirms and brings to pass the spoken words attending My ministry:

                                                                                     as the recipient speaks to receive,

                                                                                     as My servants proclaim –

                                                                                                         so will the sin be shed,

                                                                                                         so will the curses break,

                                                                                                         so will the blessings flow,

                                                                                                         so will the anointing be –

                                                                                          in signing to the insecure for the establishing of their faith.

Adhering to the commitment has ramifications right throughout a life:

                                               has surprises in store which will ensure interest is retained;

                                               has the works of God displayed upon the field of the cross;

                                               has the gratitude of man evident within his thanksgiving for the day –

                                                                                 sees the gods of man forsaken for The God of all creation.”


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