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Attention to The Details (25.5.15)

“Attention to the details has the full approval of God,

                                       is at the heart of His creation,

                                       is evident in all He chooses to display.

Attention to the details will be evident in the enlarged and magnified,

                                                               in the fulfilled and finished,

                                                               in the complete and living.

Attention to the details ensures completion of the whole,

                                      ensures correctness of assembly,

                                      ensures the meshing of the chains which bring forth life;

                                      ensures growth in line with expectations,

                                      ensures reproducibility is safely guarded within the coming generations,

                                      ensures surroundings are readied for acceptance.

Attention to the details opens up the doorway to perfection,

                                      prepares the workshop for the master craftsman,

                                      yields the components ready for compiling.

Attention to the details knows no obsolescence in the making,

                                      knows no rejections in a bin,

                                      knows no recycling of a surplus,

                                      knows no status changed from what is planned.

Attention to the details brings forth the masterpieces of God.

Attention to the details brings forth each according to its kind.

Attention to the details brings forth each with the pattern master’s stamp of approval.

Attention to the details serves variety with ability to modify,

                                      serves an existence within a specific extreme environment,

                                                                      within an environment acceptable to each,

                                                                      within an environment which can cope with increasing crowds,

                                                                      within environments where the physical parameters are selective of inhabitants.

Attention to the details bequeaths an inheritance of security,

                                      bequeaths an environment which promotes success,

                                      bequeaths an existence where full potential is achievable.

Attention to the details ensures the bespoke of God will be successful in expanding,

                                                                                   will be successful in thriving and installing,

                                                                                   will be successful in creating homes which meet their needs and wants.

Attention to the details has not diminished over time,

                                      has not ruptured in excess,

                                      has not curdled the uniqueness of the bloodlines,

                                      has not reduced the longevity within the passing time sphere of the birth.

Attention to the details speaks of precision and great delicacy,

                                      speaks of manipulation where definition is off the scale of visual resolution,

                                      speaks of built-in specialities peculiar to the locations and the needs for the sustaining of a colony.

Attention to the details speaks of an environment where molecules and atoms are the building blocks of choice,

                                      speaks of an ability to meld the key points together for the chains,

                                      speaks of an ability to connect and to seal,

                                                                      to restore and to repeat,

                                                                      to save and to remember,

                                                                      to mend and to heal.

Attention to the details requires ability to recognize,

                                                               to accept,

                                                               to locate,

                                                               to adjust –

                                               as the raw materials are prepared for a construction.

Attention to the details is not a hit and miss extrapolation of the past into the present,

                                      is not in the randomness of the sparking of a broth,

                                      is not in a trial and error process found capable of presenting the onset of new life.

Attention to the details uses a database of a size incomprehensible to the self-aware.

Attention to the details needs knowledge of essential information,

                                                                  of essential processing as components start to build,

                                                                  of essential parameters so adjustments are correct –

                                                                                                               within the scope and scale of the maxima and minima.

Attention to the details requires wisdom within the realm of constructs,

                                                                 within the realm where dimensions are sized,

                                                                 within the realm where the first of each has acceptance as being the fullness of design.

Attention to the details brings no rewards to the mindsets of the curious,

                                      brings no reverse engineering of construction,

                                      brings no analyses affording elucidation.

Attention to the details brings no methods built on copying which will yield the same result. 

Attention to the details in the laboratories of the curious does not yield a form of life where there was no life.

Attention to the details does not disclose the encryption protecting the building blocks of life –

                                                                                         from the fiddlers and the meddlers as the cutters and the splicers.

         The laboratories of the curious can neither simulate nor emulate the design laboratory of God.


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