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Changing Thrones (26.6.15)

“Changing thrones is at the will of God.

Changing thrones is a multiple part of governance within the edifice of God.

Changing thrones has the choice of many which identify the stature of the functioning of My saints,

                             has a selection in use until  the session is completed –

                                                                          which may be of extensive duration when in the presence of a time sphere.

Changing thrones involves a change of throne rooms,

                             involves a change of regalia descriptive of the presence,

                             is in conformity with the past,

                                                                the present,

                                                         and the future as bidden to unfold.

Changing thrones determines the agenda pending adjudication,

                                                                  pending a hearing if requested,

                                                                  pending a decision unclouded by the storm clouds of deceit.

Changing thrones can be for a triumvirate of presence,

                             can be as deserved by circumstance,

                             can be to preserve decorum in the chambers and the precincts.

Changing thrones involves the relevancy of retinues,

                                            the guardians of justice,

                                            the marshalling of the summoned,

                                            the calling of the witnesses,

                                            the opening of the records,

                                            the hearing of the plaintiffs,

                                            the hearing of the pleas,

                                            the judgments born of justice in a marriage of truth with righteousness.

Changing thrones results in destinies in place,

                                         in destinies secured,

                                         in destinies as allocated –

                                                          resolved upon the truth within the freewill records of man established in mortality.

Changing thrones is not an exercise in semantics,

                             is not an accommodation surrounding sin,

                             is not a systemic matter permitting the inexperienced to serve,

                             is not an occurrence for the relief of boredom.

Changing thrones does not denote advancement,

                             does not denote increased responsibility,

                             does not denote approval of the tasking,

                             does not denote a right existent within The Kingdom,

                             does not denote a right qualified within a previous existence.

Changing thrones is for the benefit of the plaintiff and the arraigned in resolution of past deeds,

                                                                                                             in resolution of recent behaviour,

                                                                                                             in resolution of an edict said to be either broken or infringed.

Changing thrones can set the tone of the discussions,

                             can change the level of indictments,

                             can change the relevancy of a record,

                             can change the outcomes of decisions.

Changing thrones changes the surroundings in which a dispute is heard,

                             changes the perspective from which matters are considered,

                             changes the pleas between the alternatives of grace or mercy,

                             changes the modes of establishment between both the saints and the multitudes –

                                                                                                                                  as either the plaintiffs or the arraigned.

Changing thrones is not open to discussion,

                             is not open to a choice,

                             is not open to selection,

                             is a mandate handed down by God.

Changing thrones occurs under the auspices of God.”


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