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The Courts of Heaven (6.6.15)

“The courts of Heaven govern the likely and the actual residents of Hell,

                                     are there to oversee the second deaths of the spirits of man,

                                     are there to oversee the souls as assigned and called.

The courts of Heaven call to account those as they become available and fall within the jurisdictions of The Lord.

The courts of Heaven are multiple and selective,

                                    are each allocated responsibility for a particular sin of man,

                                    are experts in excuses,

                                    are sensitive to the plaintiffs,

                                    are bound to justice based on truth.

The courts of Heaven do not have waiting lists as time is absent,

                                   do not have time-based sentencing,

                                   do not witness absconders running free,

                                   do not have difficulty in locating a defendant within a jurisdiction,

                                   do not sentence as if with a slap of a wet bus ticket on the palm,

                                   do not encounter repeat offenders once sentenced for their sins.

The courts of Heaven are neither rushed nor crowded,

                                    know the presence of The Great White Throne,

                                    know the reading of the charge sheets as annotated with the truth,

                                    know the just summation of the judge as to the damage wrought,

                                                                                                  as to the hurt inflicted,

                                                                                                  as to the sin employed,

                                                                                                  as to the reparation sought,

                                   know the accumulative power of each sentence as to the sought balancing of the scales of justice.

The courts of Heaven have no interruptions;

                                    witness before the tears of man;

                                    accept the truth of a confession;

                                    accept the revisions to the statements of the defendant –

                                                              as corrected for the facts when stripped and unadorned;

                                    signal to the gathered when a judgment of determination of the truth is reached and readied for announcing;

                                    watch carefully as sentence is pronounced.

The courts of Heaven are efficient and particular,

                                    neither shunt nor delay,

                                    neither listen to a lie restated nor to a new creation –

                                                                                       which knows not a foundation built on truth.

The courts of Heaven do not accept appeals unless a plea for mercy is entered by the plaintiff.

The courts of Heaven uphold their authority instated on the earth by the second coming of The Lord.

The courts of Heaven bring The Edicature* of God within the heavens to The Edicature of God upon the earth with the second
                                                                                                                                                                           coming of The Lord.

The Courts of Heaven –

                            as of The Courts of Song,

                            as of The Courts of Praise,

                            as of The Courts of Worship,

                            as of The Courts of Holiness –

                                                                are not within the judicature of heaven.

The Judicial Courts of Heaven are in phase with The Judicial Kingdom Courts of God upon The Earth.”

Scribal Note:

*Edicature –  ‘I, The Lord (2)’ (5.11.12) cf. 7th Bk p2,

                                         ‘God Speaks as His Presence Unto the Edifice of God’.


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