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Features on A Landscape (24.6.15)

“Features on a landscape mark a history as encountered.

Features on a landscape can be many and varied,

                                       can be few and far between.

Features on a landscape can be a determiner of its use by man,

                                       can be appraised as enhancing,

                                       can be appraised as disqualifying,

                                       can be inviting man to pick and choose.

Features on a landscape contribute to its usefulness,

                                       should be considered in the light of its location –

                                                                                               with the influencers of climate.

Features on a landscape should have soil known for its fertility,

                                       should have the watering of regularity,

                                       should have marked out the runways of the rain,

                                       should have considered the range of temperatures throughout the year of man,

                                       should mark the intensity of prevailing winds,

                                                                                 of the windstorms bringing damage,

                                                                                 of the gentle breezes.

Features on a landscape should not give rise to slopes set at less than the angle of repose,

                                       should not have initiated the landslips of poor husbandry,

                                                                                the landslips of overstocking,

                                                                                the landslips of insufficient cover remaining for the protection of the earth,

                                                                                the landslips of absorbing too much water so the bed can move,

                                                                                the landslips keen on expanding to the valley floor,

                                                                                the landslips where the coverings should be defined by trees.

Features on a landscape can shelter and protect,

                                       can increase the rate of growth,

                                       can combat the effects of drought.

Features on a landscape can make or mar a home for man;

                                       can have man spending a lifetime on improvements for later generations,

                                       can have man struggling for a lifetime just to have it no better than the start.

          Oh that man would first qualify himself for a much grander home.

          Oh that man would place his priorities in the hands of God.

          Oh that man would comprehend what he has to lose upon foreclosure of his mortal life.

          Oh that man would first express his destiny of choice so to eliminate the destiny of default.

          Oh that man would retain his relationships of growth and love beyond his fields of play.

          Oh that man would see the wisdom in ensuring his freewill aligns with his destiny of choice.

Features on a landscape can be declared by God with eternity in mind,

                                                                              with adoptions to the fore,

                                                                              with a place located by a promise,

                                                                              with the bride of Christ assembled,

                                                                              with the saints of God readied for their inheritance,

                                                                              with the treasure boxes waiting to be opened,

                                                                              with the presence of the gowns of life.

Features on a landscape will continue to surprise within eternity,

                                       will never lead to boredom,

                                       will always open wide the eyes of the bride,

                                       will magnify and expand the senses of the bride,

                                       will excite and satisfy the curiosity of the bride,

                                       will meet the thirst the bride may have for travelling,

                                       will cement relationships for ever.

Features on a landscape will measure the reactions;

                                       will witness joy and happiness;

                                       will set the bridal group free to pursue the desires they could not follow previously;

                                       will uplift the bride to surroundings filled with opportunities;

                                       will entertain in ways not previously thought possible,


                                                                                               or anticipated;

                                       will reinvigorate maturity into the aged;

                                       will reinstall the memory covering the fullness of existence of the spirit of man.

Features on a landscape of eternity defies the imagining of man.

Features on a landscape should not be lost to man when so easily attained,

                                       should not be lost to man because of a password not established,

                                                                                 because of a destiny not selected,

                                                                                 because of a lack of foresight,

                                                                                 because of a hindrance of unbelief,

                                                                                 because of the mistake of believing the lies of Satan,

                                                                                 because of acceptance of the lies that Hell is an attractive place,

                                                                                            that Hell does not exist,

                                               that Hell is readied for the would-be revellers for continuing to explore freewill activities –

                                                                                                                                    in the absence of the morality of God.

Features on a landscape of eternity can satisfy the wistful and the newly wedded –

                                                                                                            among the bridal party of the saints.

Features on a landscape of eternity can be modified or changed,

                                                        can be moved or installed or deleted,

                                                        can be enlarged or decreased –

                                                                                               at the will of God.”


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