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Life Within The Kingdom (1.12.12)

“Life within The Kingdom of God is on a different footing:

                                                                      has no blackmail possible,

                                                                      has no secrets kept within the self,

                                                                      has no sin intent within the heart.

Life within The Kingdom is extensive and explorable,

                                          is identifiable and sense filling,

                                          is helpful and constructive.

Life within The Kingdom is exhilarating and uplifting,

                                          is conducive to conversations,

                                   has scope for walks of interest,

                                   has voyages for discovery of that which lies within the distant lands of God.

Life within The Kingdom has no hurrying because of time,

                                          has no tears because of misery,

                                          has no blows because of anger,

                                          has no attitudes of selfishness,

                                          has no sources of iniquity.

Life within The Kingdom holds to the power of righteousness where it is not expected to be a new experience.

Life within The Kingdom only knows the truth,

                                          only deals in the truth,

                                          only teaches the truth.

        The Truth as a principle within The Kingdom is sacrosanct and holy,

                                                                                   touches nothing borne of falsity,

                                                                                   touches nothing appearing to be what it is not,

                                                                                   touches nothing attempting to deceive.

        The tellers of the tales of man through all the generations will need to change their stories in line with what is learnt to be
                                                                                                                                                                             the truth.

Life within The Kingdom has a number of surprises for the examiners of the tables detailing cause and effect:

                  where the cause as declared in the time of man may not be so recorded as that for the effect in the tables kept by God.

Life within The Kingdom is not built on lazing in the sun,

                                                            on letting renewal build through sleep,

                                                            on awaiting the happening of things,

                                                            on the regulation stamped by the need for food,

                                                            on the watching of a clock.

         For such as these were time dependent:

                                                             no longer having a calling on the past attention span of man when in his new surroundings.

         For such as these are changed from the linear to the dynamic,

                                                          from the circular to the infinite,

                                                          from the chaos to the singularity.

         For such as these have served their purpose within the mortality of man:

                                                                                        are to be as set within dimensions,

                                                                                        are to be as changed for selected scenes.

Life within The Kingdom of God on The Earth has no unpleasant surprises:

                                                                             is always for the benefit of man in the company of his God,

                                                                             is closely linked with The Kingdom of Heaven.”


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