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Life on Life (9.9.14)

“Life on life is the detail on the detail.

Life on life is the surrogate at large,

                   is the sharer of a living space,

                   is the equilibrium established for an external parasite,

                   is the reciprocal harmony weighted with success.

Life on life varies with parameters of size and scope,

                   varies with the food source,

                   varies with the covering of protection,

                   varies with the rate of reproduction,

                   varies with the health of the host,

                   varies with the ease of discovery.

Life on life can be a free ride maintained in ignorance,

                   can be an onslaught creating frenzy,

                   can be activities more widespread at specific times within the cycling of a day.

Life on life can initiate a search,

                   can frustrate the seeker,

                   can pose an invitation to another with an interest.

Life on life can be solemn or be frivolous,

                   can be but for an instant or for long term associations,

                   can be quite desirable on a two way street,

                   can be quite lop-sided in a narrow cul-de-sac.

Life on life can lead to efforts at separation,

                   can lead to attempts to disentangle the entangled,

                   can lead to urgency built upon desire to undo what has just occurred.

Life on life can occur accidentally,

                   can occur deliberately,

                   can occur at a season born of frequency,

                   can occur with a rise in temperature,

                                   with a rise in humidity,

                                   with a rise in waste not purposely destroyed. 

Life on life can stimulate eradication,

                   can demonstrate symbiosis in a relationship of gain.

Life on life is the multi-stacking of life on earth,

                   is the embrace and the carry,

                   is the bus accepting of its load,

                   is the visioning of the organisms seeking a place to dwell under the firmament of God.

Life on life is often not a burden to be rejected,

                   is often a welcome addition to be carried for a season:

                                                                                    on empty arms,

                                                                                    on empty shoulders,

                                                                                    on an empty back.

Life on life can watch the blessings grow as the calls develop both frequency and size.

Life on life can shed upon maturity,

                   can shed when overcrowded,

                   can shed when function is fulfilled.

Life on life is a wonder to behold with beauty to the fore,

                   is inviting of a discard when relationship is not apparent.

Life on life can superimpose a face upon a face where similarities of countenance are obvious to all.

Life on life can bring forth laughter and great glee with the combining of objectives,

                   can create fond memories of togetherness and love,

                   can share and grow as the days of anticipation pass into the sacred history of a book of life.

Life on life keeps succession in its place,

                   does not stray from the possible into the improbable.

Life on life does not threaten without a follow-up,

                   does not suck without a tube,

                   does not vacate without encouragement.

Life on life can show disgust at an infestation,

                   can show delight at a request with recognition.

Life on life questions desirability,

                   questions the necessity,

                   questions the result,

                   questions the thought of companionship.

Life on life accepts the end-time targeting in the actioning of God.”


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