My Scrolls

My Church on Fire (9.7.15)

“My church on fire has hot spots on the earth,

                                has hot spots in the cities and the towns,

                                has hot spots where My Spirit reigns.

My church on fire is where My people gather with their tongues of fire,

                              is where the youth are thirsty and drink in all they can,

                              is from where My servants regularly depart and return,

                              is the sourcing-post of resources,

                              is the storehouse of My knowledge,

                              is the benefactor of My servants seen in action,

                              is the stable from where the horse has flown,

                              is the signpost from which all roads lead to God,

                              is the loft from where the homing pigeons leave,

                              is the loft to where the homing pigeons return between the journeyings –

                                                                                                               whilst awaiting the final journey home.

My church on fire is thriving and industrious,

                              is planning and fulfilling,

                              supports the called and the callings.

My church on fire has no need of a fireman,

                              has no need to quench the fire,

                              has such under the control of God.

My church on fire participates in building the firestorms of delight,

                                                                    the firestorms which straddle faces of amazement,

                                                                    the firestorms which burn the fuel of Satan.

My church on fire fills up very quickly,

                              has very few stragglers who are late,

                              has everyone active in their callings.

My church on fire has no need of smokescreens:

                              has excellent ventilation,

                              has excellent teaching,

                              has excellent promotions,

                              has excellent participation –

                                                              to fan the fires of God.

My church on fire has the water of life flowing as a river,

                              has the banks of people waiting to get in,

                              has the queues extending into the night.

My church on fire is well equipped and ready,

                              has freshness of presentation,

                              is rested and is eager.

My church on fire is experienced and blessed,

                              is gifted and on-time,

                              is accurate and timely,

                              is holy in awaiting for when time no longer counts.

My church on fire has attendees with dark glasses,

                              has attendees with eyes averted,

                              has attendees where the spillways of the eyes are filled with holy fear –

                                                                                                                        as the eyes take in what is holy – 

                                                                                                                        as the ears take in the holy call from God.

My church on fire has record keepers running to and fro,

                              has the waters of immersion scarcely ever still,

                              has the seating for the multitudes scarcely ever empty,

                              has the bringers of the gospel message oft reduced to exhaustion of expression,

                                                                                            oft reduced to memorization of the text,

                                                                                            oft reduced to where My Spirit cannot speak.

My church on fire should not ignore My Spirit’s counsel,

                              should not exceed the bounds of My Word,

                              should not proceed into the arena where effort becomes unsustainable,

                              should not lead to services fraying at the edges,

                              should not see tempers under trial.

My church on fire must pass the call for cheerfulness,

                              must pass the call for excellence,

                              must pass the call inherent in the destiny of choice.

My church on fire speaks with clarity and detail,

                              is not stumped by questions of procedure,

                              is not silenced by jealousy or exaggerations,

                              has recourse to the records which are accurate and true.

My church on fire is within the will of God,

                              follows the will of God,

                              hearkens to the will of God,

                              can distinguish between the will of man and the will of God.

My church on fire is protected by My angels,

                              will not bring scorched earth unto the harvest fields,

                              will not serve up a mixed dessert nor a mixed main course at the communion of My saints.

My church on would-be fire has the time to ponder,

                                              has the time to change,

                                              has the time to listen and enact.

My church on would-be fire has no time to sit around and watch the embers glow,

                                                                  to watch the embers fade and die,

                                                                  to try to rekindle what once was but is no longer:

                                                                                                 as tiredness creeps into the spirit and the soul,

                                                                                                 as age stultifies what was once done with vigour and release,

                                                                                                 as visions fade and fail to be uplifted.

My church on would-be fire can burn again with sparks sent flying here and there,

                                                                        by re-invigoration,

                                                                        by a visionary with conviction,

                                                                        by a Man of God who knows that with which he has been tasked –

                                                                                                                              which he will not ignore –

                                                                                       which he will bring unto fruition –

                                            on which he will labour with the stamp of favour and the signing of the approval of his God.”


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