My Scrolls

My Kingdom Rules (8.12.12)

“My Kingdom rules in truth and in righteousness,

                                 in justice and in love,

                                 in mercy and in worth.

My Kingdom rules for eternity in the heavens and the earth.

My Kingdom comes and does not go.

My Kingdom rules with wisdom and with knowledge.

My Kingdom rules with The Father and The Spirit.

My Kingdom rules with the presence of the kings of man as they come into their inheritance to be so crowned by God.

My Kingdom rules for the benefit of righteous man,

                       rules for the companionship with God,

                       rules so justice may prevail,

                       rules so orphans are not created,

                       rules so glory may be shared with the co-heirs to the thrones,

                       rules so the golden age of man will not come to an end,

                       rules so sin may ultimately be vanquished,

                       rules so My apostles may be acknowledged in their efforts for the spirits and souls of man,

                       rules so My martyrs may receive their accolades for the sacrifices made with such great honour.

My Kingdom rules so past wrongs may be righted,

                               so grievances with merit may be addressed,

                               so the guilty of the misuse of the freewill of man will be brought to account
                                                                                                                for that which they have brought to pass,

                                                                                                                    for that which they have wielded,

                                                                                                                    for that which they have wrought.

My Kingdom rules so innocence may be proclaimed.

My Kingdom rules so the creativity of man may flourish through the artistic endeavours of man within his heyday.

My Kingdom rules so beauty may abound,

                                so songs may come into existence,

                                so singing may permeate the heavens and the earth more so than as at present.

My Kingdom rules so music may cheer the spirits and the souls of man,

                                               may set the limbs to dancing,

                                               may set smiles upon the faces.

My Kingdom rules so joy and laughter may penetrate right to the core values of the spirit and the soul of man.

My Kingdom rules to showcase the hidden abilities of man:

                               for man to achieve the desires of his heart,

                               for man to establish his platform for his offerings of honouring,

                               for man to extol his gratitude for all he has experienced and gained,

                               for man to examine closely all the works of God,

                               for man to participate in all for which he was but an onlooker while in his mortality,

                               for man to escalate his thoughts into the wonders of his being.

My Kingdom rules for God to bring forth his hidden treasures never seen by man.

My Kingdom rules for My Spirit to enjoy his discussions with man.

My Kingdom rules for The Father to mingle with His family at home.”


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