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My Saints in Action (19.2.14)

“My saints in action are a joy to behold,

                                 are a joy which fills the angels’ hearts,

                                 are a joy which fills the hearts of man,

                                 are a joy which starts the bells of heaven ringing,

                                 are a joy which keeps the record keepers busy,

                                 are a joy which sees The Father smiling.

My saints in action witness to equipping not in vain,

                                             to the gifts acknowledged by their use,

                                             to the discipleship of Jesus seen for what it really is,

                                             to the boldness of The Spirit in promoting the will of God,

                                             to the testimonies of declaration promised for reciprocation by The Lord before The Father,

                                             to the divine appointments awaiting the word,

                                             to the signs of miracles within the secular environment of man,

                                             to the changes made possible through the fall of grace.

My saints in action are the harbingers of new beginnings as they stand to bring,

                                                                                           as they sit to discuss,

                                                                                           as they pray and yield,

                                                                                           as they hear and speak,

                                                                                           as they explain and introduce:

                                                                                the bounty brought by grace.

My saints in action speak or show the word of God in relevance,

                               speak the word of God in deliverance of the sick for healing,

                               speak the word of God for confirmation by My Spirit in attendance,

                               speak the gifts of My Spirit for the signs of wonders and of miracles to accompany grace,

                               pray within the will of God:

                                                                 for The Son to be glorified in bringing glory to The Father.

My saints in action bear willingly the slurs and the sniping,

                                                       the heckling and the denigrations,

                                                       the blasphemy and the cursing.

My saints in action await the moments when the souls of tarnished silver are refined in revelation of the gold,

                               do not turn their backs while there is a glimmer of light shining within the darkness,

                               do not move on until understanding shuts the door in refusal of the offer.

My saints in action are supporters at the battles of the hosts of heaven,

                               are supporters in reclamation of the spirits,

                               are supporters of the allotted tasks which see My bride balloon both in stature and in size.

My saints in action are the hope of man,

                               are the outposts leading to salvation,

                               are the battlers for the truth.

My saints in action mingle with the lowest,

                               mingle with the highest,

                               mingle with the common,

                               mingle with the special,

                               mingle with the waiting,

                               mingle with the earnest,

                               mingle with the humble.

My saints in action mingle with the multitudes of man. 

My saints in action have eyes of discernment,

                               have eyes of sensitivity,

                               have eyes of selection,

                               have eyes of recognition for the seeking soul,

                                                                       for the questing spirit,

                                                                       for the opportunity to express the sacrifice of God.

My saints in action know the dawn and the dusk,

                               know the accepting hug from each adopting a new beginning,

                                                                      from all who are mending the errors of their ways,

                                                                      from all who have repented now to shelter under grace,

                                                                      from all who have discovered the reality of their welcome from their eternal God.

My saints in action are supported by My Spirit,

                               are assisted by the hosts of heaven,

                               are validated in reality by the omnipresence of The Living God.

My saints in action under the power and the authority as streamed from God,

                               under the leading and the accompanying of My Spirit,

                               under the prayers as charged by God to heal the body soul and spirit:

                                                                                               change the ways of the world;

                                                                                               thwart the encountered evil;

                                                                                               carry for distribution the sacred gifts of God;

                                                                                               uplift the weak with blessings;

                                                                                               strengthen the strong with encouragement;

                                                                                               build faith into a firestorm;

                                                                                               witness in their testimonies of the miracles of God as adjuncts to

                                                                                                                                           the presence of His grace.

My saints in action venture forth upon their taskings,

                               venture forth in faith to ignite the fire,

                               venture forth equipped as My Spirit has prepared,

                               venture forth to witness My Kingdom being built.


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