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My Servants Empowered (28.5.15)

“Gathering the idolaters requires a show of force –

                                                                  of might and majesty,

                                                                  of tenderness and love,

                                                                  of caring and of healing.

My servants are tasked with the authority to declare and to proclaim in My name.

My servants are tasked to go and do,

                     are tasked in the use of the gifts of My Spirit,

                     are tasked with the faith to command results,

                     are tasked to instal The Spirit’s gift of tongues.

For My servants such as these utter words of freedom,

                                                 utter words of truth,

                                                 utter words of healing,

                                                 utter words which are upheld by My Spirit under My instructions.

For My servants such as these utter words of counsel and direction,

                                                 utter words of encouragement and favour,

                                                 utter words enabling My Spirit to install the gifts,

                                                                                         to heal the sick,

                                                                                 to create the temples,

                                                                      to adorn the gates of heaven ready for an entrance of the nervous and the shy,

                                                                                                                                                    the humble and the meek,

                                                                                                                                             the repentant and the committed.

For My servants such as these seek and do,

                                                 find the lost,

                                                 know the joy when knowledge is imparted,

                                                 know the emotion when healing descends upon the wings,

                                                 know to receive the miracles the signs the wonders in My name –

                                                                                                                             for as My name is glorified,

                                                                                                                                                   so is The Father glorified.

My servants are industrious in their endeavours:

                                                               plough the fields in furrows which are straight and true,

                                                               turn the sods so light falls on the hidden,

                                                               lifting to the surface so the image is on view,

                                                               watching keenly for a movement which speaks of freedom from confinement.

My servants neither fret nor frown;

                     are wreathed in smiles and thanksgiving,

                     are grateful and accrediting,

                     participate in hugs and handshakes.

My servants never seek the rewards of man,

                     never claim the rewards of man,

                     never build on the rewards of man.

My servants have their hearts and eyes attuned to God,

                             their hands and feet placed within His service,

                             their songs and deeds for the committing of the spirits with the souls.

My servants are able to place accurately an arrow on its target,

                     are able to enlist an arrow for each target,

                     are able to select a fire arrow when testing or consuming that which has been laid aside to keep.

My servants are empowered to handle the encountered within the will of God,

                     are empowered to handle the sycophant and the knave,

                     are empowered to handle the wounded and the ill,

                     are empowered to handle the toothless and the bald,

                     are empowered to handle the upright and the brave,

                     are empowered to handle the prayerful and the deformed,

                     are empowered to handle the grateful and the resolute.

My servants are empowered to amalgamate in unity,

                                              to overlook discrepancies of difference,

                                              to rejoice in the celebrations of each spirit with its soul as they seek to be attached.

My servants know the sounds of urgency,

                     attend without delay,

                     hurry to the opportunities presenting where time is of the essence.

My servants honour their mantles from The Lord –

                                                                        in their times of approaching the needs and wants of man,

                                                                        in their times of preparation to be of service,

                                                                        in their times of separation from the loved and the remembered.

My servants fulfil their obligations inherent under the servanthood of God:

                                                                        as the advocates of His church in action,

                                                                        as the instigators of interest in a new beginning,

                                                                        as the proposers of salvation and how this changes lives,

                                                                        as the affirmers of righteousness in being the harbinger of peace,

                                                                        as the introducers of a kingdom born of love,





                                                                                       and adoption as kingdom heirs and citizens into the family of God.

My servants are sure of their ground,

                     do not retreat from what they state as truth,

                     do not renege on a promise still outstanding,

                     do not withdraw from that not taken to completion.

My servants know well,

                     dwell in,

                     bring forth,

                     offer wholesale:

                                      the living loving will of God.”



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