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My Sheep and The Goats (8.8.15)

“My sheep and the goats mix and do not match,

                                        call and do not sound alike,

                                        jump and spring with different purposes in mind.

My sheep and the goats do not feed on like with like,

                                       prefer different lands on which to feed,

                                       prefer the pastures of green grass or the lands of thorns and weeds.

My sheep and the goats do not separate spontaneously,

                                       like to be in a single flock,

                                       like to follow the one in front.

My sheep and the goats are not all present with a single purpose:

                                                                       My sheep have heard My call and come to be fed;

                                                                       the goats are there as a matter of convenience and eat whatever they can get.

My sheep and the goats circulate and natter,

                                       exchange the possibilities,

                                       share the hopes and dreams.

My sheep and the goats skip and dance together,

                                       know the music’s beat,

                                       share the drink and nibble at the milk as offered for a choice.

My sheep and the goats do not live in friction,

                                       do not breed contempt for one another,

                                       do not practise ostracism,

                                       find it difficult in recognizing which is which.

My sheep and the goats intermingle freely,

                                       are not easily distinguishable,

                                       are there within the bounds of each freewill.

My sheep and the goats approach the time for passing through the draughting gate of God.

My sheep and the goats know within their hearts the parting of the ways,

                                       know the lack of commitment,

                                                 the lack of fear,

                                                 the lack of knowledge,

                                                 the lack of wisdom which is there for the imparting from a request to God.

My sheep and the goats do not suffer equally in the absence of a prayer life,

                                       do not suffer equally in their standing before God,

                                       do not suffer equally in the accepting of all The Cross portrays.

My sheep and the goats each stands alone when within the garment of salvation,

                                               stands alone when within the glove of man,

                                               stands alone in presenting in the flesh.

My sheep and the goats are each responsible for their own preparation to be included with My Bride:

                                                                        for the using of My Spirit’s gifts with fluency and understanding,

                                                                                        in the prophetic and in the interpretation,

                                                                                        in My Ministry of proxy whereby My servants are empowered –

                                                                                            across the fields of man wherein they are expected to be found.

My sheep and the goats have appetites of dominance according to their make-ups,

                                                                                      according to their preferences,

                                                                                      according to the herbage in the fields in which they browse.

My sheep and the goats do not compete for nurture,

                                       do not compete for attention,

                                       do not compete for each other’s house.

My sheep and the goats are mostly still unaware of the coming separation –

                                                    of some whom I never knew:

                                                                    whose hearts were always distant,

                                                                    whose hands did not reach out,

                                                                    whose voices were never heard to testify of Me,

                                                                    whose ‘truth’ could not be trusted,

                                                                    whose concentration was on the ‘I’ and what the person had achieved,

                                                                    whose request for Grace was marked by continuous repetition in denial

                                                                                                                                                                     of sincerity of repentance.

My sheep and the goats wear different coats:

                                       are different in their outlooks,

                                       are different in their answers,

                                       are different in the spirit,

                                       are different in their experience of the living water.

My sheep and the goats are different in their willingness to serve,

                                       are different in their response to the call of God,

                                       are different in the receiving of My Spirit’s gifts,

                                       are different in the fear of God.

My sheep and the goats are different to such an extent that the goats are unacceptable to God.

The goats should mend their ways and attitudes;

                should repent and change their direction;

                should select and chose this day whom they will follow –

                                                                                        in earnestness of commitment;

                should attend to their destiny of choice before a final decision is handed down;

                should seek develop and maintain a relationship with The Living Loving God –

                                                                        whom they are still to come to know within the sincerity of Grace.

The goats should clear the dungeons of their hearts from sin:

                                                                          in turning to embrace new futures as true friends of God,

                                                                                                           with access to His temples and readied for adoption.”


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