My Scrolls

My Youth Enflamed (7.7.15)

“My Youth enflamed reach out to the flameless.

My Youth enflamed are equipped,

                                  are gifted,

                                  are enamoured,

                                  are favoured,

                                  are discipling,

                                  are projectionists of My Spirit’s torch.

My Youth enflamed know the fire of God,

                                  feed the fire of God,

                                  embrace the fire of God.

My Youth enflamed fan the glow of embers,

                                  shelter the kindling ready to burst forth,

                                  know the holiness required.

My Youth enflamed flow with the living water,

                                  flow with the vibrancy of life,

                                  flow with their hands outreached to uplift and guide.

My Youth enflamed have faces which are radiant,

                                  have faces which proclaim the fire which dwells within,

                                                                              the fire which spurts out to the surface through the eyes,

                                                                              the fire which burns but does not singe,

                                                                              the fire which others seek to bring forth in existence,

                                                                              the fire which attracts others to gather close around,

                                                                              the fire which speaks of the encountered known to God.

My Youth enflamed can set the Earth ablaze,

                                  can watch the sin consumed by the refiner’s fire,

                                  can set the fire of God to burn in the towns and villages,

                                                                                  in the cities and the countryside,

                                                                                  in the slums and palaces.

My Youth enflamed are the broachers of the strongholds,

                                  are the power destroyers of cartels,

                                  are the instigators of the tried and true,

                                  are the architects of change upon the distant fields of nations,

                                  are My servants taking fire unto the brothers and the sisters on The Earth,

                                                            taking fire where there is no fire,

                                                            taking fire where the kindling is gathered and in place,

                                                            taking fire to flare and cleanse each heart bred upon idolatry:

                                                                                                                              fed upon the rampant sins of man.

My Youth enflamed recognize My people with the fire,

                                                                           the fire which may be only flickering,

                                                                           the fire existing on a spark,

                                                                           the fire decreasing but to embers,

                                                                           the fire with very little heat,

                                                                           the fire with the chimney all blocked up,

                                                                           the fire reduced to ashes where the black birds peck and scratch,

                                                                           the fire which has been starved of fuel and witnesses to loneliness.

My Youth enflamed are overcomers,

                                are strengthened by their numbers,

                                are the holders of spare candles for the starting of infernos,

                                are the artificers of God,

                                                            of the conflagrations which can purify the nations,

                                                            of the boldness which subdues the would-be quenchers of the spirit,

                                                            of the boldness which beckons the fulfilment of the spoken words among His servants.

My Youth enflamed persevere unto completion,

                                  know the coming of the dawn and the sealing of the dusk,

                                  wonder in amazement as the witnesses of the ‘How’ and ‘When’ of God.

My Youth enflamed magnify their callings,

                                  enthuse with the commitments of the candidates,

                                  are enthralled by the spreading of the tongues of heaven faster than the turning of a head.

My Youth enflamed answer questions with deftness and precision;

                                                             with wisdom and the word of knowledge –

                                                                                                                    extended when requested;

                                                             with consideration built on kindness and the love of others.

My Youth enflamed feed on the word of God,

                                 feed on the end-time harvest of the spirits with the souls,

                                 feed on My Spirit’s fire as it skips and dances back and forth,

                                 feed on the igniting of the fire:

                                                                      in all its end-time glory of The Son;

                                                                      in all its end-time glory of The Lord;

                                                                      in all its end-time glory of The Sacrifice for Man.

My Youth enflamed see no smoke,

                                 know no smoke,

                                 smell no smoke.

My Youth enflamed are the carriers of the fire of God,

                                 are the carriers in the presence of the scent of My Spirit,

                                 are the carriers within My Spirit’s wind,

                                 are the carriers of the end-time signs of God.

My Youth enflamed enhance their gowns of life,

                                 gather the adornments destined for their gowns of life,

                                 store up their treasures –

                                                              so attributed within mortality –

                                                                                                   to where they cannot be mutilated stolen or destroyed.

My Youth enflamed have their bespoke gowns of life updated daily by the angels –

                                                                                                   with the treasures as bespoken for that day.

My Youth enflamed have their treasure chests held on high in readiness –

                                                                                                   for the opening of the graves,

                                                                                                                              or the transitioning,

                                                                                                                                             of the saints of God.”


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