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Never Before (22.2.14)

“Never before has man been so in danger of eating himself to death.

Never before has gluttony been taken to such extremes.

Never before has such feasting been stuffed into the mouth of man.

Never before has starvation been so numerous.

Never before has hunger been so widespread.

Never before has malnutrition so stunted and deformed.

Never before have those staring at a surfeit of food so ignored those who go to bed without a meal,

                                                                                                             who awake and cannot break the fast,

                                                                                         who scavenge and do beg for some morsel for their mid-day

                                                                                         who languish in a torpor as the children die.

Never before has constraint been so set free.
Never before has sharing become so unimportant.
Never before has the sun risen and set on so many gluttons feeding to excess and so many who fail to eat even a minnow of a diet.

Never before has man’s response to hunger been so poor and uncaring,

                                                                      been so argumentative and dispossessing,

                                                                      been so bound by conditions and subjected to procrastination.

Never before has man’s humanity to man left it open to be questioned.

Never before has man’s inhumanity to man been so evident and on display:

                where the indignant are now silent beside the corrupt who extort and steal,

                                                                                                      who sell through channels of irregularity,

                                                                                                      who thrive in times of crisis,

                                                                                                      who hunt the convoys down,

                                                                                                      who thwart the plans of distribution to the sick,

                                                                                                                                        the hungry,

                                                                                                                               to all those in need of a roof upon their head.

Never before has this world seen such activities on the scale now before the eyes of man,

                                                                                  the scale beyond the imagining of man,

                                                      the scale which no longer balances the excess of supplies to the calls of the needy,

                                                                                  the scale where hope has long been supplanted by despair,

                                                                                  the scale which must be removed from the eyes of man

                                                                                                       so clarity of vision is restored,

                                                                                                       so surplus can be transferred to remove the scarcity,

                                                                                                       so giving can be handed to recipients as intended,

                                                                                                       so the land is not watered by the tears of man as small

                                                                                                                                                graves are dug into the earth.

Never before has the earth been in such a parlous state:

                where imbalances are filled at the dictates of the purse strings;

                where donors attempt to negotiate benefits for themselves before they let the life-force flow;

                where the love of money confirms the intent of evil;

                where the brand and stamp determine who is to join a queue and who is to be sent away;

                where the allegiance to a majority is a prerequisite to being allowed to share the food;

                where those entailed in preparation will determine both the quality and the quantity of the servings;

                where ‘Feed the Hungry’ is the cry which is the most likely to fall on the deafest of distracted ears.

Never before has this world seen such a time of plenty.

Never before has this world seen such a time of locational shortage.

Never before has this world seen such a degree of selfishness.

Never before has this world incurred the wrath of God on such a scale.

Never before have so many sacrificed their righteousness unto the throne of greed.

Never before has Satan had such a committed following.

Never before has Satan seen himself as so popular with man.

Never before has Satan been able to put righteousness under so much of attack.

Never before have the end times come.

Never before is The Bride so numerous.

Never before are the angels so busy.

Never before are the needs of man so great in number,

                                                        so great in scope,

                                                        so great in magnitude.

Never before is the heavenly attention so focussed on the earth.

Never before have the heavenly hosts been so marshalled for battle.

Never before has God been so exasperated with those for whom He sacrificed His Son:

                              those who do not go and do that of which they are more than capable in the company of God,

                              those with shattered vows born of neglect and delay which join the myriad lies of man,

                              those who know no faith yet still call for the proof of God –

                                                                    the sceptics and the denigrators will be sorely tested in these end time days.

Never before have the heavens seen the earth so close to the refiner’s fire,

                                                                         so vulnerable to My Spirit’s multiplication of the fire,

                                                                         so ready to recognize My Spirit’s imparting presence on the earth.

Never before will the rebound be so great and so final.

Never before will the will of God be so triumphant and far reaching –

                                               as in such as this scenario which is presently unfolding –

                                                                    in line with prophecies of old;

                                                                    in line with prophecies of the end time now dwelling in the present;

                                                                    in line with the climaxing of man’s faith;

                                                                    in line with the clouds of conquest coming for The Bride:

                                                                                 all which precedes and follows My Bridal actions –

                                                                                            as tribulation is,

                                                                                            as the wrath of God is,

                                                                                            as the Horsemen go at pace,

                                                                                            as the seven angels release their charges,

                                                                                            as the earth receives her quartering,

                                                                                            as grace departs,

                                                                                            as mercy comes,

                                                                                            as Satan is detained,

                                                                                            as The Kingdom of God establishes the rule of righteousness.

Never before has any sequence been of so little relevance to the faithful and the trusting.”


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