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A New Wineskin (11.6.14)

“A new wineskin is coming.

A new wineskin is being birthed.

A new wineskin for the shedding of the leaves.

A new wineskin for carrying the truth.

A new wineskin approaches.

A new wineskin full to overflowing.

A new wineskin impervious to dust and dirt.

A new wineskin for the thirsty.

A new wineskin bringing life.

A new wineskin with the works of God.

A new wineskin crests the horizon,

                           approaches very swiftly,

                           leaves a dust storm in its path,

                           sweeps away the debris of the past,

                           greets the venues of the day,

                           shares along the way,

                           breaks in new ground from scrubland to a garden,

                           settles scores which prevented peace.

A new wineskin is welcomed by He who went before,

                                            by He who summoned up its presence,

                                            by He who tops it up.

A new wineskin to be pulled to and fro,

                           to know eager hands accepting,

                           to be appreciated for the flavour of its contents.

A new wineskin dispensing night and day,

                           with a sense of urgency,

                           to the seekers of new wine,

                           for those with an end-time being.

A new wineskin is hosted by the sincere,

                           is born of trust and worthiness,

                           is scheduled for this time and presence,

                           is called to have an extended throat,

                           is blessed to meet the needs of man.

A new wineskin hearkens to the call of history,

                           shares the call unto eternity,

                           places both before the face of man.

A new wineskin finds a place to stand;

                           emitting messages for distant lands,

                                             for far-flung peoples,

                                             for the tongue-holders of the heavens,

                                             for liberation of each spirit with its soul,

                                             for declaring all which is bequeathed and waiting.

A new wineskin is the purveyor of a coming change,

                           is the alarm clock ringing for preparation,

                           is the whistle blower with the sleepers’ wake-up calls,

                           is the teacher calling for the attention of His students,

                           is the headmaster calling for unity among His teachers,

               is the joining of the end-time sequences of God.”

7.39 – 8.37 am Wednesday 11th June 2014

Scribal Note:
     The website which was built under the instructions of The Lord about 4 years ago is to be replaced with a new one soon.

     Two days ago (10.6.14) as I was pondering on the question as to why a new website was required, The Lord replied very briefly saying, 'A new wineskin, Anthony.'
     Later in the morning He gave me 2-3 lines about a new wineskin and the next day completed this with further lines about a new wineskin.
    Then I fully understood what The Lord was going to achieve.
    The above is what He said, as I typed it down and timed and dated it.

8.21 am Thursday 12.6.14

His new Wineskin went live across His world between  
3 – 4 pm on Tuesday, 5.8.14


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