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Offerings to The Lord (7.6.15)

“Offerings to The Lord are from a grateful heart.

Offerings to The Lord testify of the commitment made within freewill.

Offerings to The Lord are as sacred outposts in the world of the secular.

Offerings to The Lord are emphatic and personal,

                                     carry a love gift from a heart,

                                     continue a relationship of faith in truth,

                                     build upon an aged relationship within an act of reconciliation.

Offerings to The Lord build the edifice of God,

                                     build the access way to the stars,

                                     build in confirmation of the love for God.

Offerings to The Lord participate in the provisioning of God.

Offerings to The Lord accompany the walk of faith,

                                                        the discipling by The Lord,

                                                        the second birth of man,

                                                        the presence of The Holy Spirit,

                                                        the conversion to a temple,

                                                        the cleansing within the field of grace.

Offerings to The Lord require a clean encounter,

                                    require the cleanliness of the sacrifice as offered,

                                    require consolidation of a life from the scattered bits and pieces.

Offerings to The Lord take precedence over tithes as freewill with grace circumvents the law with mercy.

Offerings to The Lord have no upper limit,

                                     have no lower limit,

                                     have no progressive limit. 

Offerings to The Lord are not a seesaw seeking balance.

Offerings to The Lord are not a function of the earning power of man,

                                     are not a calculation giving rise to pride or shame,

                                     are not a calculation which loads debt upon the poor.

Offerings to The Lord are in tune with the Holy Spirit,

                                     match the wealth of man to his love for God,

                                     match the residue remaining within the fear of God,

                                     match the offering in line with a willingness to meet a need,

                                                                               with a willingness to see the word go forth.

Offerings to The Lord match a need with a willingness to contribute to the nests where love was birthed:

                                                     where the hungry dwell in difficulty and struggle as the quest for food dominates a life,

                                                     where the widows need the care and attention in supplying the needs for life –

                                                                                         as removed when beset by the onset of the loneliness of solitude.

Offerings to The Lord can meet the needs within the edifice of God without imposing hardship,

                                                                                                             without the need to beg,

                                                                                                             without the need to walk the streets,

                                                                                                             without the need to bring reversion to the law.

Offerings to The Lord function best when governance with awareness rules both the day and the night,

                                                          when needs are made known,

                                                          when the officers of God fulfil their functioning as intended –

                                                                                                of the love and welfare of My people entrusted to their care.

Offerings to The Lord vacate the mercy seat of the tithe law with its basis on the pastoral,

                   recognize the new covenant of the two commandments of The Lord as laid upon the fields of love and grace.

Offerings to The Lord fulfill the two commandments of The Lord,

                                                                 enable such to be a blessing to My people,

                                                                 enable such to be made with fairness and discernment –

                                                                                              under the semblance of My gold as stored among My people.

Offerings to The Lord are made from among My people,

                                     are as determined by My people,

                                     are as allocated when specific needs are declared for the attention of My people.

Offerings to The Lord restore responsibility for witnessing love in action,

                                    restore responsibility for acknowledgement of the love offering having meaning,

                                    restore responsibility for the matching of income with expenditure.


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