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Prayers within Eternity (9.6.15)

“Prayers within eternity are not one-sided conversations,

                                       are not one-sided requests for action,

                                       are not one-sided seeking from a would-be plaintiff for the fixing of a slight.

Prayers within eternity are not based on those within mortality,

                                      are not based on faith,

                                      are not based on hope,

                                      are not based on transfers through My Spirit.

Prayers within eternity are direct and immediate,

                                     are as a conversation with the recipient alongside,

                                     are as required within the absence of both grace and of repentance.

Prayers within eternity are from and to the temples at the speed of thought,

                                     are from and to the temples with their content much changed,

                                                                                  with their horizons much lifted,

                                                                                  with their experience much expanding.

Prayers within eternity diminish in their numbers,

                                      have the need for answers diminished by surroundings,

                                                                                 diminished by alternatives,

                                                                                 diminished by others qualified to answer.

Prayers within eternity are reserved for uncertainties of action,

                                                          for uncertainties in the field of knowledge,

                                                          for uncertainties of apparent conflict arising between wisdom and common sense.

Prayers within eternity are not cycled in repetition,

                                      are not impressed with earnestness,

                                      are not progressed by the extremity of sincerity.

Prayers within eternity are knowledgable and gauged,

                                      do not visit areas previously determined,

                                      carry queries concerning locations,



                                                      and the engineering of the access points with the control of time.

Prayers within eternity are known as the one-time ‘Life Queries’ when encountered at the onset of assimilation.

Prayers within eternity have no need to request a miracle –

                                                                               with which they are surrounded,

                                      have no need to request a healing –

                                                                               to which attention has already been applied,

                                      have no need to request salvation –

                                                                               of which they are already in receipt,

                                      have no need to desire an audience with God –

                                                                               who has already adopted them into His household and His family.

Prayers within eternity are absorbed into the new surroundings,

                                      are absorbed into the praise and the worship of The King of kings,

                                      are absorbed into the building of the glory of God,

                                      are absorbed into the happiness accompanying exaltation,

                                      are absorbed into the songfests,

                                                                  the dances,

                                                            and the exultation of triumphant jubilation.

Prayers within eternity are initiated by The Forgiving at the mercy seat of the Great White Throne –

                                                                                            in the presence of defendants as summoned and so charged.

Prayers within eternity can be in or out of time,

                                      can be focussed for delivery in or out of time,

                                      can be answered and received in or out of time –

                                                                        as the settings of God are registered on the time sphere given precedence.

Prayers within eternity always have the prompt attention of God,

                                      always carry the new name of the sender,

                                      always have the open access to the ears,

                                      always have the imaging displaying on the inside of the eyelids.

Prayers within eternity move very swiftly between the callers and the called,

                                      are accurate and secure,

                                      are interpreted and understood,

                                      are blessed with each transmission by the grateful in the gardens.”


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