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Set My People Free (14.2.14)

“My servants,

             they are not lightly chosen –

                                            the walks with Me;

             they are not lightly chosen –

                                            those appointed to a meeting;

             they are not lightly chosen –

                                            the links of relevance arising for the preparation of My bride.

As I build My Kingdom,

             as My kingdom stands before the gates of hell,

             as My kingdom welcomes the pure of heart:

                     so My Spirit assembles those who can lead the seekers to the open door,

                                                                     who can teach My Spirit’s offering of grace,

                                                                     who can emphasize the readiness expected of My bride-in-waiting,

                                                                     who can attend to the chorus heard ascending to the heavens,

                                                                                                                                      with their lines of descent,

                                                                                                                       awaiting the enaction of the fall of grace.

My servants,

             you have prepared yourselves for instructing My bride in her impurity,

                                                                                      My bride who wanders in her imperfections,

                                                                                      My bride –

                                                                                                   in her casualness of approach –

                                                                                            who is lacking in her passion,

                                                                                            who is lacking in her urgency,

                                                                                            who is at risk because of the satanic delaying of her will to act.

My servants,

             bring your intellects to bear within My will,

             bring your intellects to bear in motivating My bride-in-waiting.

      Use your giftings to isolate the sin hidden under the woolly covering of My sheep.

      Let not the devil fleece My sheep of their fleeces which they carry in recognition.

      Let not My sheep be stultified by confusion arising from the tongues of man.

      Let not My sheep be slaughtered by the lies which bring the second death upon spirits contaminated by the tongues.

      Let not My sheep perish in inaction.

      Let not My sheep continue round the mountain in procrastination.

      Let not My bride-in-waiting fail to achieve her destiny through the absence of a sense of timeliness:

                                                                                                             seen to be but cruising within the devil’s thrall.

      Lead My people out of bondage.

      Lead My people so they may enter the promised land.

      Lead My people to the rest across My river,

                                                        in the presence of the tree of life,

                                                        in the presence of the tree of knowledge of good and evil,

                                                        in the presence of the dwelling place of My bride.

      Lead My people so they are inoculated from temptation;

                                  so they can stand and not to flee;

                                  so they are emboldened to declare the truth;

                                  so they carry wisdom in proclamation of their testimonies;

                                  so they are empowered with commitment to their destiny.

      Lead My people into the freedom of My Spirit –

                                                        as fluency is imparted to their tongues –

                                                        with wisdom embedded within their souls.

      Join with those to whom My Spirit signs.

      Join with those in righteousness –

                                  where My Spirit is at liberty –

                                                          free to flow The Living Water –

                                                          free to bring the miracles –

                                                          free to sign the presence of God –

                                                          free to deliver all the works of God –

                                                          free to promote the seeking of the will of God to the prepared of God –

                                                          free to offer up My bride prepared:

                                                                                            both cleansed and dressed,

                                                                                                                            and ready for the dawn.”


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