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The Tares among The Wheat (10.6.15)

“The tares among the wheat bring anguish to the spirits and the souls of My people.

The tares among the wheat move in unbidden circles,

                                            move in circles of poor resolution,

                                            move in circles where My people should not follow,

                                            move in circles which bring frowns to the angels,

                                            move in circles where cries for help are rarely heard,

                                            move in circles of destruction and deception as if the crop circles as made by man.

The tares among the wheat are visitors which won’t go home,

                                            are visitors who outstay their welcome,

                                            are visitors who are difficult to counsel,

                                            are visitors who befriend the like for like,

                                            are visitors who are not properly embedded in a sure foundation,

                                            are visitors who sometimes browse the word of God.

The tares among the wheat are the stragglers of attendance,

                                            are the gossips of the muddy pools,

                                            are the repetitive offenders at the altar,

                                            are the seekers of attention,

                                            are the ones without apologies,

                                            are the ones without a testimony.

The tares among the wheat have no fear of the Lord,

                                            are not learning and applying,

                                            are locked in status without change,

                                            are chasing prominence without substance,

                                            are rare in their encouraging,

                                            are quick to take offence.

The tares among the wheat subscribe but do not read,

                                            glance but do not understand,

                                            speak without imparting wisdom,

                                            pray without the company of fruit,

                                            drink the milk without an appetite for meat,

                                            are not compliant with the communion meal.

The tares among the wheat are beset by doubts unvoiced,

                                            do not resolve their difficulties,

                                            do not permit such to surface to the light.

The tares among the wheat put a bold face upon a travesty,

                                            play charades unknown to the wheat,

                                            move in circles some would deem to be unwise.

The tares among the wheat absorb time without reward,

                                            have no goals which are not transient,

                                            do not balance income with expenditure,

                                            struggle only rarely with that ‘which is’ and that ‘which should be’.

The tares among the wheat are familiar with ‘white lies’ aplenty,

                                            do not qualify as to time any plans within the future,

                                            take a life for granted.

The tares among the wheat know the gifts of God as mysteries,

                                            have not unlocked the doors with the keys of the kingdom,

                                            hold the keys unpolished and encrusted from non-use.

The tares among the wheat are verifiable when tied into discussion,

                                            are exposed in the wanders to and fro,

                                            are visible in the clothing which denies the fear of God.

The tares among the wheat must not have credence given:

                                                               as the bringers of confusion to the sanctuaries of God,

                                                               as they impinge upon the temples in attempts to frequent the hands of friendship,

                                            must not be given credit as a stalk of wheat when commitment is uncertain and evidence is lacking.

The tares among the wheat are the ‘fifth columnists’ among My church,

                                            are the interlopers as ‘never known’ by Me,

                                            are ‘they’ of whom I will not testify,

                                            are ‘they’ of whom The Father will never know.

The tares among the wheat are the doubters among the certain,

                                            are the holders of the unlit candles,

                                            are the ones who know not the reality of a new beginning,

                                            are the drifters into an environment of comfort,

                                            are the part of the satanic cloud which moves upon the earth,

                                            are the semi-rooted yet disconcerted by the presence of My Spirit:

                                                                                with roving eyes inclined to ‘greener pastures’ –

                                                                                                        across the present boundaries set for the flocks of God.”


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