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The Body Parts of Man (8.9.14)

“The body parts of man are not to be selectively attacked by man,

                                       are not to fall as the foundations are chipped away,

                                       are not to fail for the lack of support,

                                       are not to count on being mollified by the later attention to a diet of excess.

The body parts of man will succumb to such attack bred by the weakness of the will,

                                                                                                the addiction of the soul,

                                                                                                the input of the devil intent on the destruction of a temple.

The body parts of man can be replaced by man at a cost still unknown to man.

The body parts of man can be modified by man where the knife reflects the changes wrought in the image in the mirror,

                                     can be strengthened by man with the judicious use of exercise,

                                     can be weakened by man by the excessive use of exercise,

                                     can be magnified by man by increasing the supply of hormones to the body,

                                     can be damaged by man by the ingestion of what will prove to be addictive,

                                                                        of what will have the direst of dire consequences,

                                                                        of what will bring congestion to the body,

                                                                        of what will shorten the given operational life of man,

                                                                        of what will shrink the years of man within mortality,

                                     can be as a noose around his neck held ineffective until the chair on which he balances topples from support.

The body parts of man are not designed to fail;

                                     are accountable to sin;

                                     are there for support by wisdom;

                                     are so that the functioning reflects the beauty of the temple;

                                     are so that man’s years on earth are productive and resourceful,

                                     are carefree and enjoyable,

                                     are pain free and incredible,

                                     are progressive and rewarding;

                                     are so that man’s preparation is successfully completed within his allotted span of time.

The body parts of man reflect the intent of the soul,

                                                 the guidelines set by the spirit,

                                                 the briefing of the character,

                                                 the impact of the resultant freewill attitudes to life experiences:

                                                                          in which the body dwells whilst attempting to survive.

The body parts of man extend to the extremities:

                                     extend to the exertion efforts of the muscles;

                                     extend to the slick movements of the joints and bones;

                                     extend to the spasmodic controls both of entry to,

                                                                                            and of egress from,

                                                                                                             the body as built for man;

                                     extend to the neck with all so placed thereon –

                                                             so that confusion does not reign upon the body so under care.

The body parts of man can be stretched and shaped,

                                     can be selected and set free,

                                     can be reconstructed by the skill of man,

                                     can be renewed within the will of God.

The body parts of man can be mixed and sewn by man;

                                     can be cut,

                                                 opened and destroyed in seeking the relief of man,

                                     can be tested and found wanting within the cavities of man,

                                     can be isolated and by-passed through the advice of man,

                                     can be destroyed and removed as function is abrogated from another with an interest.

The body parts of man carry the stamp of God:

                                     carry the spoken word of God in their DNA;

                                     reflect the storage power of God in their DNA;

                                     illustrate the uniqueness of design in their DNA –

                                                                   in which man chooses to dissect with his cut and splice.

The body parts of man are not to be tinkered with at the will of man,

                                     are not subjects fit for patents due for payment,

                                     have ownerships not vested in the claimants,

                                     have identities installed by man with the support of drugs,

                                     have discoveries enforced by commercial greed.

The body parts of man are not assembled selectively by God,

                                     are reassembled selectively by man.

The body parts of man have an origin which is sacred,

                                     are neither dispensed nor cloned,

                                     are unique to each spirit and each soul selected for habitation,

                                     are bequeathed with the breath of God,

                                     have not been used before –

                                                   as if each spirit and each soul had lost connection to the dwelling place so prescribed by God.

The body parts of man respond to their control points within the body –

                                                                                              as designed and set by God for man.”


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