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The Absence of Entity (18.6.15)

“The absence of entity is startling to behold,

                                     is startling to consider,

                                     is startling to experience.

The absence of entity is the unawareness of being unaware,

                                    is the being stored in abeyance without data input as outside of time,

                                    is the out-of-body experience where data input is continued within the continuing of time –

                                                                                                                                    to be recalled when entity is restored.

The absence of entity accounts for much of mystery to man,

                                    accounts for much as a mystery of God.

The absence of entity has understanding when wisdom comes with knowledge,

                                                                 when examples are considered to be imbued with insight,

                                                                 when conceptual metaphors are accurately related to mortality with all which lies beyond.

The absence of entity explains and accounts for ‘near’ death experiences:

                                                                                          where the entity visits and converses outside the body,

                                    is enabled to see and hear,

                                    can peer down as if from the ceiling in a surgery within a hospital –

                                    there to witness the body on the operating table with all the doctors and the nurses say and do.

The absence of entity explains the ‘near’ death visiting of the heavens –

                                                                                                 all which is observed and heard –

          with the optional built-in choice for a ‘visitor’ to return to occupancy so to testify of all which has been witnessed.

The absence of entity is the surfacing of the unconscious as the conscious entity fades and leaves the body –

                                                                                                         with the previous control no longer active and in place.

The absence of entity does not cause damage to a moving body from where the entity has departed.

The absence of entity to where time and input ‘is not’ enables instantaneous movement –

                                               of the entity ‘in absence’ as measured by the surroundings of the physicality of the body –

                                                                                                                   wherein its dwelling place continues within time.

The absence of entity is re-established as ‘presence’ in the body after time has passed –

                                                                                   as measured by a watch or clock within the present known reality;

                           distance has been travelled to a new location at a speed not known except by calculation of the average;

                           recollection of the progress of the journey is entirely missing from the recall functioning of memory –

                                                                                   as if there had just been a period of sleep.

The absence of entity is a new experience filled with much surprise at the outcome,

                                                                    filled with ramifications not previously encountered,

                                                                    filled with the potential to explain the inexplicable.

The absence of entity demonstrates what can be and is,

                                                         the surmounting of non-belief,

                                                         the extent of the playground of the mind,

                                                         the travelogues either of delight or misery,

                                                         the trips within the bounds of sanity –

                                                                      either filled with related memories or empty as just a void in space and time.

The absence of entity overcomes the incredulous,

                                    enforces the spontaneous,

                                    subscribes to life extended.

The absence of entity testifies to the tripping of the soul,

                                                 to the reality of variants in perception,

                                                 to new incidents within a time frame which leave no trace except upon a clock.

The absence of entity is the precedent preceding death,

                                    is the precedent of sleep,

                                    is the precedent affecting the activity of the soul,

                                    is the boundary being bridged between the conscious and unconscious in or out of time.”


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