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The Agency of Life (2.10.14)

“The agency of life accompanies the will of life,

                                accompanies the will of survival,

                                accompanies the being of existence.

The agency of life is the freewill attached to life,

                              is the conceptual knowledge based within the head,

                              is the initiator of the actions of the body within each environment of life.

The agency of life modifies behaviour depending on the circumstances,

                                                              depending on the methods as employed,

                                                              depending on success or failure in the attaining of an objective.

The agency of life reflects a learning curve building from the assessing of results.

The agency of life is tested by the level of satisfaction.

The agency of life is present in both the secular and the sacred,

                              is measured by its success in both,

                              is still present at the end of life within mortality.

The agency of life is carried past the grave,

                              is present at a new beginning within the new surroundings,

                              is active in determining the attitudes which will surface when beset by unfamiliarity.

The agency of life can handle the unexpected,

                              is better equipped to handle the surroundings where the senses are at home.

The agency of life has a time of preparation appearing on its chart,

                              has a time of fulfilling the expectations embedded in the spirit,

                              has a time of being anticipated,

                                               of being evaluated,

                                               of how the soul is reacting to the spirit.

The agency of life is secular in its nature before the attitude of the soul is modified by the spirit.

The agency of life is spiritual in its presenting after the soul becomes guided by the spirit.

The agency of life shows the evidence in the outworking of a new goal put in place.

The agency of life with guidance to the fore can change the destiny of life,

                                                                       can change the feeding of the soul,

                                                                       can change the soubriquets of epithets.

The agency of life details the report card of the soul signed off by the spirit:

                                                                                  the report card of the soul is registered,

                                                                                                              when valid,

                                                                                                                      in a sub-volume of The Book of Life.

The agency of life rarely reverses progress by rescinding that which is to advantage.

The agency of life vies for the vitality of the soul in the breaking of satanic influence,

                                                                                in the encountering of the supervision of the spirit,

                                                                                in the ingestion of the wisdom available –

                                                                                                                      as offered for assimilation.

The agency of life is the glow plug of the engine,

                              keeps the engine firing,

                              keeps the engine running for a journey by the driver.

The agency of life gets faster with the practise,

                              increases in expertise as the spirit and the soul work in unison to benefit the body,

                              benefits from the encouragement encountered on their journeying together –

                                                                                                                         towards a common goal.

The agency of life widens its abilities,

                              extends its scope of application,

                              acts within the vision as declared and operational.

The agency of life knows the bread of life,

                              knows the waters of life,

                              knows the feeding posts and the watering holes,

                              knows the requirements for participation,

                              knows the results as promised and the time frame for acceptance.

The agency of life seeks to demonstrate a commitment from the soul,

                              seeks to muster the missing and the mixed-up,

                              seeks to bear a witness to the fleeing and the faithless,

                              seeks to meet at the interchange where concepts and the teachings are exchanged,

                              seeks to replace the bad news from the world with the good news from the heavens.

The agency of life can lie within a character of renown,

                                          within a character of intent,

                                          within a character of commitment,

                                          within a character approved of God,

                                          within a character on a journey home,

                                          within a character of righteousness.

The agency of life can labour in the field of blessings –

                                                                      where taskings are composed by God,

                                                                      where His favour is made known,

                                                                      where His miracles are evident,

                                                                      where His sheep are gathered unto His flock.”


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