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The Beneficence of God (30.11.12)

“The completion of the family of God is a joy unto The Lord,

                                                              is a joy unto The Father,

                                                              is a joy unto The Spirit.

For as the spirits were set free upon their journey in mortality with the freewill for their souls intact,

                             so it brings great joy unto The Three-in-one in witnessing their return in love and by freewill choice –

                             back into the fold and family of God accompanied by their souls and bodies welcomed in adoption.

For as they have availed themselves of grace so their sins were erased.

For as they have lived in righteousness so will they be honoured.

For as they have welcomed My Spirit so were they counselled.

For as they have dwelt in faith so will they be rewarded.

For as they have believed the promises so will they inherit.

For as they are adopted into the family of God so will the beneficence of God be showered upon the daughters and the sons of God.

The beneficence of God extends into the treasures each has stored in heaven,

                                        extends into packets with surprises,

                                                             packets which are moving,

                                                             packets wrapped in glowing colours,

                        extends into parcels very carefully wrapped which protect the delicate and the beautiful,

                                                                                                                      the enchanting and the prize worthy,

                                                                                                                                      the majestic and the enhancing,

                                        extends into the creativity of God.

The beneficence of God is a thank you gift from God for seeking His presence with His offer of relationship:

                                                                                   while pitched head first into the battles against a foe very well equipped.

The beneficence of God is a thank you gift from God for trust and faith,

                                                                              for righteousness and fear,

                                                                              for overcoming and persevering.

The beneficence of God is a thank you gift attached to the race well run,

                                                                                for the garland well earnt,

                                                                                for the gown of life evidencing the effort of a life well spent.

For as God knows the effort of man required to be expended on reaching forward to a goal until it is in hand:


            in honouring,

                  He attributes the rewards for the sacrifice of self:

                                                           for the endeavour of the journey;

                                                           for the steadfastness before the foe;

                                                           for the testimonies before the listening ears;

                                                           for the attaining of the mountain top from where the vista is exceptional;

                                                           for the returning home to a destiny to be fulfilled with God.”


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