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The Blood of The Lord

“The blood is the conveyor of the flow of life.

The blood is the attendant servicing the needs of the flesh,

                  is the maintainer preventing the presence of a shortage,

                  is the ensurer of the welfare of the body soul and spirit.

The blood is the transporter without a rest upon the Sabbath,

                  is the sensor of what is right and wrong within the glove of man,

                  is the reporter of the organ music when dud notes are found to be increasing.

The blood of man is known to God.

The blood of God was abraded by man,

                              was spilt by man,

                              was dishonoured by man,

                              was extinguished by man.

The blood of The Lord was left to saturate the earth. 

The blood of The Lord was left to rot upon a hill,

                                     was left bereft of any value,

                                     was left to drip and splash until life could no longer stay.

The blood of The Lord had a value far beyond the means of anyone to offer recompense,

                                                         far beyond that touching the mourners at Calvary that day,

                                                         far beyond the possibility of gathering and mending that which had been broken,
                                                         far beyond the repair of man.

The blood of The Lord was made incapable by man of upholding The Life of Man.

The blood of The Lord knew mercy when in life,

                                     knew no mercy on the cross,

                                     received no mercy even unto death.

The blood of The Lord assailed the gates of heaven on behalf of man,

                                     rendered access to The Holy with the tearing of the curtain,

                                     now holds the keys to life and death,

                                                                     to heaven and to hell,

                                                                     to the eternities now dependant on grace upon freewill.

The blood of The Lord gave man an unexpected outcome,

                                     gave to man a solution to his dilemma of reconciliation,

                                     brought to man both redemption and salvation in the name of Jesus,

                                                                                               in the blood of Jesus,

                                                                         in the new covenant so bound by a perfect blood-bought sacrifice for the sins of man.

The blood of The Lord shelters and protects,

                                     heals and restores,

                                     magnifies and saves:

                                                              the life of man.

The blood of The Lord testifies of the love gifts of The Lord,

                                      testifies of the committing of My Spirit to the onward shepherding of man,

                                      testifies to the validity in all totality of the promises of God.

The blood of The Lord is the treasure laid down for man by God,

                                     is the treasure for man to value as he will,

                                                                          to value as he finds,

                                                                          to value as he comes to understanding,

                                                                          to value as he inherits wisdom both from afar and nearby,

                                                                          to value as he discovers the need for grace,

                                                     to value even more so as he starts out upon a journey attributed to faith upon the blood of Jesus.

The inestimable power of The Blood of Jesus sets a heart before a wringer,

                                                                          sets a heart before a mangle,

                                                                          sets a heart ready to be wrung:

                                                          that the heart of man may be stripped and cleansed of the compounding sins of man.

The pleaded blood of Jesus sets dynamos in motion,

                                             generates the powers which fill the thrones of God,

                                             places the angels in a frenzy of activity,

                                             summons the attention and authority of the hosts of heaven.

The pleaded blood of Jesus gives access to the sacrifice of stardom,

                                                                      the sacrifice of which there are none greater,

                                                                      the sacrifice within the heart of love,

                                                                                                                    of mercy,

                                                                                                                    of reconciliation,

                                                                      which took the hearts of man as mantled under law to return them free of sin:

                                                                                          washed and laundered and forgiven and re-mantled under grace.

The pleaded blood of Jesus stands at the epitome of sacrifice,

                                                        at the epitome of The Father’s Love,

                                                        at the epitome of the will of The Son,

                                                        at the epitome of the reconciliation of man to his God,

                                                        at the epitome of God’s offering to man,

                                                        at the epitome of The Son’s call to the lost souls upon the Earth,

            at the epitome of the expression of the love for man by both The Father and The Son and the servicing of The Holy Spirit:

                                                                                     as the dwelling centres of man become the temples of The Lord,

                                                                                                                                                     with all which that implies,

                                                                                     as the temples become intrinsic within the new life of adoption –

                                                                                               to be seen as the newly converted homes of the saints of God.

The pleaded blood of Jesus signs of the significance and value –

                                                when attached to the closure of a prayer to The Living God who suffered and knows;

                                                                                                                                                 who experienced and gave;

                                                                                                                                                 who sought and yet continued.

The pleaded blood of Jesus is the achilles’ heel of Satan:

                                             has brought Satan’s loss of dominion that much closer,

                                             has freed the bonds of slavery,

                                             has broken the chains of servitude,

                                             has shattered the basis of addiction,

                                             has separated the murky gloom into darkness and the light,

                                             has declared the ending of the servitude of man,

                                             has empowered My willing servants to terminate Satan’s curses impinging on freewill;

                                                                                                        to request My blessings in the honouring of freewill.

The pleaded blood of Jesus activates the power in the blood,

                                                            the power-performing miracles,

                                                            the power-performing healings,

                                                            the power-performing signs as My proxies with authority bind and loose with boldness –
                                                                                                                                      within the ways and means bestowed by God.

The pleaded blood of Jesus completes the hedge of protection around the body soul and spirit,

                           encircles the families as known to God,

                           carries the seal of God unto the coming generations with their voices to be heard,

                           establishes the attenders of My miracles where Grace and My Spirit frequent the uncertain and the lost,

                           confirms the wisdom of the wise in the selection of their destiny to the exclusion of the default,

                           celebrates the success of Man at the cross as man is rehabilitated: as faith leads man to rejoin the family of God.

The cross of The Christ,

                     The Messiah,

                     The I AM,

                                  was the sign-post in the sky at Calvary whereby man was given sight to make the journey home.

The cross of The Christ was the start of a new relationship with man which spreads throughout the earth.

The cross of The Christ birthed the new covenant,

                                       temporarily replaced the mercy seat with Grace,

                                       gave rise to the forgiveness of man while still within the jurisdiction of his sin.

The cross of The Christ views the present from the distance,

                                       speaks of truth without any diminution,

                                       seeks the sinner so the record may be cleared.

The cross of The Christ introduced the majesty of Grace with affirmation,

                                       introduced the coming of My Spirit bearing gifts,

                                       introduced the time frame for The promise of The Father,

                                       made possible the coming forth of the giftings of the tongues of heaven –

                                                                                                                         in preparation for fluency and understanding.

The home of God awaits with much enthusiasm the homecoming of man in his maturity.”


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