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The Blooming of The Youth (5.12.12)

“The blooming of the youth can be in their response to the first falling of the call of God,

                                                     of a life thereafter filled with service and of rectitude,

                                                                                        with purpose and achievement,

                                                                                        with knowledge and commitment.

The blooming of the youth can be seen early in their lives with the confirmation of their living God,

                                                                             with the presence of My Spirit,

                                                                                             with the boldness of the dedicated spirit and the soul.

The blooming of the youth speaks of the bloom of God upon each spirit and each soul:

                                                                                    with each body gifted with the carrying of the kingdom’s keys,

                                                                                    with growing familiarity in their applications found in use,

                                                                                    with the imparting and the applying of the will of God made known.

The blooming of the youth does not overwrite freewill,

                                            enhances a life at an early stage,

                                            safeguards a life from temptation where life experiences are still not strong.

The blooming of the youth brings the days of Pentecost into their days with God,

                                            fills their tongues with wonder,

                                            fills their hearts with love,

                                            fills their faith with strength,

                                            fills their bodies to speak forth all which God so shows when wisdom should declare.

The blooming of the youth gives ready access to their testimonies,

                                    puts faith and grace in the forefront of their lives,

                                    brings change as the heart desires,

                                                       as the spirit requests,

                                                       as the soul concurs.

The blooming of the youth separates those with and those without relationships in their individual walks with God,

                                            separates those ready and those still waiting as they reach into maturity,

                                            separates the willing and the hesitant in the acceptance of their callings.

The blooming of the youth sees excitement with their God,

                                    sees enthusiasm on display,

                                    sees growth in the company of faith.

The blooming of the youth sees witnessing spreading before a hungry world,

                                    sees the prayer life unfolding with the opportunities,

                                            sees healings increasing as the platform for the miracles is opened wide and freed.

The blooming of the youth augurs well for the future of each life,

                                    indicates the gathering of the jewels for each treasure chest in heaven,

                                    ensures such will readily pass through the test of the refiner’s fire.

The blooming of the youth sees the start of the adorning of the gowns of life,

                                    sees the goats sorted from the sheep,

                                    sees a life set to walking within the righteousness of God.”


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