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The Charging of My Envoys (5.3.14)

“The charging of My envoys is under the direction of God,

                                               is under My direction,

                                               is under the supervision of My Spirit.

The charging of My envoys is particular and unique,

                                              is special and informed,

                                              is tailored and well fitting.

The charging of My envoys do not wander without a purpose,

                                              do not borrow and mislay,

                                              do not infringe and run.

The charging of My envoys result in speaking to a soul,

                                                       in encouraging a spirit,

                                                       in healing of the body,

                                                       in the ministering as equipped and sent forth.

The charging of My envoys deals with impartation to an individual,

                                              brings the anointing to a meeting,

                                              witnesses My presence for the meeting of the needs,

                                              verifies the truthfulness and abilities of My servants who invoke My name.

The charging of My envoys in the end times of My bride is the quest for integrity,

                                                                                                               for righteousness,

                                                                                                               for the absence of unbelief.

The charging of My envoys evaluates the progress of the bride-in-waiting,

                                              exhorts the preparation,

                                              the sorting out of sin,

                                              the validation of faith,

                                              the following of an example already set,

                                              the obedience requested in the absence of procrastination,

                                              the understanding of what must be and of what comes under grace.

The charging of My envoys is precise and detailed,

                                              is exact and accurate,

                                              is fulfilling and honouring.

The charging of My envoys carries sights and wonders,

                                              brings signs and miracles,

                                              moves a gathering to tears,

                                              ushers in conviction of the sins,

                                              calls for repentance with the fall of grace,

                                              witnesses the giftings of My Spirit as temples are created.

The charging of My envoys is to go and do,

                                              is to visit and see,

                                              is to comfort and warn,

                                              is to deliver and to resuscitate,

                                              is to witness with a testimony,

                                              is to bring the end times active word of God.

The charging of My envoys is to change lives by imparting the giftings of each mantle,

                                                 to in boldness bring forth the message of salvation,

                                                 to declare in My name the sanctity of The Living God –

                                                                                       the only God with the ability to reply,

                                                                                       the only God who can render change within a life,

                                                                                       the only God who lived and died upon the earth,

                                                                                       the only God who rose and loves His people,

                                                                                       the only God who sent His Spirit to abide with and counsel man.

The charging of My envoys is an opening of the windows of heaven:

                                                                shedding light into the darkness;

                                                                distilling truth from errors of interpretation;

                                                                bringing influence from the throne room of God;

                                                                recalling the wayward to retrace their steps;

                                                                noting to remember all which is seen to happen when God wills His visitations –

                                                    when great significance and authority associates with the needs of man.

The charging of My envoys has variability within the taskings:

                                                              are not recognized by looking in a mirror,

                                                              carry the interest and security of My envoys,

                                                              for bringing forth that with which they have been charged –

                                                                                                               by location,

                                                                                                               by timing,

                                                                                                               by accuracy of delivery within the will of God.

The charging of My envoys return when all has been thoroughly discharged,

                                             prepare for a recharge or a reallocation with excitement and commitment born afresh,.

                       as they move to support a mantle on those attributed to servanthood within the edifice of God.

The charging of My envoys brings the oversight of God to the byways and the walkways of The Lord:

                                                                                          to the villages of remoteness,

                                                                                          to the hungry for the word,

                                                                                          to the willing who seek change,

                                                                          to the illiterate who need teaching,
                                                                                          to the unfortunate who desire improvement in their being within existence.

The charging of My envoys do not walk past such as these,

                                             do not stroll past a home of humbleness;

                                             do not drive past a tower of majesty;

                                             do not deny the dwellers in a castle.

The charging of My envoys encompasses the multitudes who cry out to The Lord:

                                                                                           who seek to learn,

                                                                                           who visit to acquire,

                                                                                           who muster to be taught,

                                                                                           who study to improve,

                                                                                           who want to know the truth.

The charging of My envoys are My willing servants sent out into the world –

                                                                                                    to minister in My Name so the darkness is repelled.”


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