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The Children of God - Edict 18 (24.11.12)

“Edict Eighteen from The Heavens unto The Earth for and beyond the mortality of man.

The children of God shall be blessed without faltering in the presence of God.

The children of God shall exult in their presence in the throne rooms of God.

The children of God shall have purity of being in their dwelling with God.

The Lord God desires to share His dwelling place with man in the presence of adoption –

                                                                                                   and would make it so.

The Lord God has high anticipations of man in his companionship with God,

                        has high expectations of fulfilment for man within his walk,

                        has high exaltations of man in his progression amongst the promises of God.

The Lord God has planned for man since the beginning of creation,

                        has planned with man as he has gained understanding,

                        has planned as man during His sojourn on the earth,

                        has planned before man with His Spirit leading,

                        has planned unto man for His return for His bride,

                        has planned for man his onward journey in eternity,

                        has planned man into completion within the edifice of God.

God has an innate agapé love for man which transcends both time and space.


      through His will,

           will not leave man forsaken and alone –

                except when occasioned by His respecting of man’s freewill:

                                                                      when honouring is neither warranted nor wanted.

God admires His handiwork.

God admires perfection in all aspects of His works.

God admires attention to detail where crafting speaks of perseverance until perfection is attained.

God celebrates and rejoices with Abraham and Sarah at the growth of man.”


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