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The Children of God (2) (11.5.15)

“The Children of God come in varying shapes,






                                                        and wisdom.

The Children of God are the adored of God,

                                   are the centres of His attention,

                                   are the subjects of His gifts,

                                   are the receivers of the fullness of His love,

                                   are the holders of the hearts of gratitude,

                                   are the expressers of the truth,

                                   are the seekers of righteousness declared.

The Children of God are His children with a future in His care,

                                   are the orphans of The earth adopted into a willing family,

                                   are the inheritors of a lifestyle beyond compare,

                                   are the worshippers aware of the promises in store,

                                   are the holders of the promissory notes of God,

                                   are the receivers of the enlightenment of God,

                                   are the beheld of God accepted for life within His gardens.

The Children of God await the discoveries pending their arrivals,

                                   await all held in waiting,

                                   await all readied for advancement,

                                   await the opening and disclosure of that gathered and stored for use beyond the grave.

The Children of God have a vitality based on faith-filled hope,

                                   have a long term view of their goal with expectations,

                                   have an acceptance of an existence with advancement,

                                   have a surety of the wellness of their being,

                                   have a view from a mountain top with eyes set on eternity,

                                   have companions galore for discussions and explorations,

                                   have relatives abounding with intriguing experiences as multiplied by many generations.

The Children of God have their abilities expanded,

                                   have their senses increased,

                                   have their playgrounds extended,

                                   have their awareness set to new horizons of great distances,

                                   have their understanding based on coping with fresh input,

                                   have their wisdom as transferred from the near company of God,

                                   have their presences projected to camp within the wonderlands of God –

                                                                                                         as set for the functioning stars of God.

The Children of God have much awaiting assimilation,

                                   have much to impact beyond the experience of mortality with its subjectivity to pain,

                                   have much to fulfill the rejoicing of a spirit,

                                   have much to place before an enquiring soul,

                                   have much with which to garnish the beauty of a temple,

                                   have much from which to select the furnishing of surroundings,

                                   have much awaiting the wonders of amazement which crowd in upon the senses as built into eternity.

The Children of God are sensitive to the will of God,

                                   are sensitive to the achievements of God,

                                   are sensitive to the edifice of God within the new surroundings,

                                   are sensitive to the seating arrangements,

                                   are sensitive to the guidelines of seniority,

                                   are sensitive to the levels of achievement,

                                   are sensitive to the commitment of the martyrs.

The Children of God are to receive levels of responsibility,

                                   are partakers in the needs for administration,

                                   are the overseers of God set among the multitudes,

                                   are the arbitrators on which others seek redress,

                                   are the adjudicators of what was seen to be injustice,

                                   are the vice royals called to rule on matters of behaviour,

                                   are the family of God entrusted with keys of The Kingdom.

The Children of God are aligned as the stars of God,

                                   will shine within the light of His favour,

                                   will achieve that as set within the knowledge base of God.

The Children of God know of a golden future,

                                                         within a golden existence,

                                                                              in the golden realms of The Living Loving God.”


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