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The Choice of Man (19.7.15)

“The choice of man flows in attachment to his freewill,

                                 flows as a functioning of freewill,

                                 flows as an expression of life which repairs and furnishes.

The choice of man functions in decision making,

                               selects a pathway through existence,

                               guides the hands and feet and head of man in the following of a blueprint for the soul.

          A blueprint can be overwritten,

                             can be scrapped,

                             can be discarded,

                             can be replaced as concepts are refreshed.

          A blueprint can be modified,

                             can be forgotten,

                             can be archived for another day.

          A blueprint is not the finished goal declared on the layout of a plan,

                             may have difficulty in following,

                             may need interpretation,

                             may need counselling on a division of opinion,

                             may need a source of wisdom to spell out that which is intended.

The choice of man has only one which matters:

                               has only one where a destiny is at stake,

                               has only one where there is health and happiness,

                               has only one where an inheritance is waiting.

The choice of man should be concentrated on that which is supplied by God,

                                                                                 which is recommended by God,

                                                                                 which is approved by God,

                                                                                 which is accompanied by God,

                                                                                 which is blessed by God,

                                                                                 which is reserved by God –

                                                                                              which is reserved for man –

                                                                                                           as lying within the freewill choice of man.

The choice of man is of great significance to man,

                               is of great importance to man,

                               is of great benefit to man,

                               is of great finality to man.

The choice of man should not be a matter of indifference,

                               should not be a matter put off to another day,

                               should not be a matter referred to those without an interest,

                               should not be a matter where failure to exercise a specific choice results in the default.

The choice of man can make or mar the future life of man,

                                                           the future positioning of man,

                                                           the future environment of man,

                                                           the future journeying of man.

The choice of man is not open to review once time elapses and the scales are tipped by the actions of freewill.

The choice of man balances on the scales as they seesaw with a destiny at stake.

The choice of man is not a roundabout with stops where one can exit.

The choice of man is one requiring preparation prior to an entrance to the light,

                                                         a commitment to The Name above all names who lingered to die upon a cross,

                                                         the spoken word affirming faith and repentance to eradicate the presence of sin.

The choice of man in selecting a destiny is not held as a secret in a pocket,

                                                                 is not broadcast as if in an arena where the seats are occupied,

                                                                 is not as if a shame-filled interlude could bring loneliness to a contrite heart.

The choice of man passes understanding of those who neither know nor care,

                                                                  of those busy or unforgiving,

                                                                  of those selfish or immoral,

                                                                  of those striving or playing on the fields of life.

The choice of man bypasses the threshold of addiction,

                               sidesteps the welcome of pornography,

                               ignores the bed of rainbows.

The choice of man has meaning with integrity and honour,

                               greets the new day with much promise and expectation,

                               commences the gathering of the jewels which are to decorate each gown of life.

The choice of man is one of righteousness and love laid upon the field of sincerity,

                               is a carrier of truth and promise for the future,

                               has the goal of commitment to a new and an unending way of life.

The choice of man has the validation of his living God,

                               has the affirmation of his loving God,

                               has the handshake of eternity awaiting his arrival in a setting fit for kings.”


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