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The Climax of Eternity ( 24.7.15)

“The climax of eternity is a ‘Wow’ within a ‘Wow’. 

The climax of eternity continues to astound,

                                     continues on forever,

                                     improves with each progression,

                                     surpasses that which has gone before.

The climax of eternity puts emphasis on the strangeness of eternity,

                        of how it can be progressive,

                        of how each interval can surpass the previous,

                        of how the common sense of man cannot be present in dealing with that which has never been experienced,

                                                                                                                                                                                but has,

                                                                                                                                         within the ‘forgotten’ memory of man.

The climax of eternity is similar to when a showground displays man’s ‘Wall of Death’,

                                                         when the motoring rider circles at the bottom and rises to the heights –

                                                                                                                                              available and true in their support,

                                                         where the momentum supports the will of the rider to climb up upon the wall –

                                                                                                                                                         and takes him safely down.

The climax of eternity sees the ‘Wall of Life’ forever rising higher –

                                                                                            as extensions to the height are no longer static,

                                                                                            as fuel is no longer limiting,

                                                                                            as circling is unnecessary,

                                                                                            as a wall becomes a floor,

                                                                                            as direction has importance,

                                                                                            as speed becomes irrelevant,

                                                                                            as company has meaning and intent.

The climax of eternity is a record waiting to be broken,

                                     expands in difficulty as expertise softens each attempt,

                                     has no penalty for not exceeding the familiar,

                                     has wonders of complexity available to those who persevere so to attain.

The climax of eternity is not a hotchpotch of information,

                                     has significance and satisfaction in its layout and its life,

                                     has the rewards of value where everything is changed,

                                                                            where mortality has become but a memory which cannot be revisited –

                                                                                      once the gateway for the spirit and the soul has closed behind the body.

The climax of eternity is selectable and interesting,

                                     does not capture and contain,

                                     has pathways which enable a return to familiar surroundings –

                                                                                                           of a dwelling place established by inheritance.

The climax of eternity is filled with excitement and exhilaration,

                                     gives no cause for injury,

                                     cannot be the host of pain.

The climax of eternity feeds wisdom and knowledge into the soul and the spirit,

                                     starts and stops Time upon request,

                                     reverses and forwards Time upon request,

                                     ensures surroundings permit the variability of Time.

The climax of eternity can showcase without repeating a scenario,

                                     can demonstrate without the usual introduction,

                                     can separate without the feeling of a parting.

The climax of eternity has capabilities seen to be in contradiction to the experiences of mortality upon the Earth;

                                                                                                                                                and where the reverse is also true.

The climax of eternity and the mortality of Earth have their contradictions of existence arising from:

                                                                              man’s lack of understanding of the time sphere in which he dwells;

                                                                                                                                 the transitioning of the body soul and spirit.

The climax of eternity has a population much greater than currently exists upon the Earth.

The climax of eternity is the final homing point for man,

                                     is the final point of assimilation,

                                     is the final point of judgment for man when in mortality.

The climax of eternity uses the names on the white stones,

                                     uses the patterning of the thought processes to drive the tongues of Heaven in which fluency is required,

                                     uses the names on the white stones as linking mediums to the tongues as spoken.

The climax of eternity does not encounter difficulties in understanding,

                                     does not exist to bring frustration,

                                     does not endorse the onerous quests of man,

                                     does not stray from the fullness of the will of God.

The climax of eternity sees visitors come and go from and to the Earth,

                                     sees visitors arriving in a puzzled state,

                                     sees visitors returning with understanding shining from their eyes.

The climax of eternity is not subjected to bad reports from visitors upon returning to mortality.

The climax of eternity is the pinnacle of man’s walk with God,

                                                             of his rejoining of his family,

                                                             of his greeting of his family connections he never knew he had.”


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