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The Complacency of Man (7.12.12)

“The complacency of man spills over into My bride,

                                            is retained by My bride,

                                            is present in My bride.

The complacency of man sees him living with his sin,

                                         sees him making no effort to clean the components of what could make a temple,

                                         sees him sitting comfortably in magnifying the sin within his soul.

        The complacent status of the soul of man shall bring disaster to his spirit,

                                                                   shall bring disaster with his destiny,

                                                                   shall deny access to mercy when it is needed most.

The complacency of man speaks of those in waiting without discernment for the stagnating of the soul,

                                          speaks of those in waiting without attentiveness to change,

                                          speaks of those in waiting without investment in procuring wisdom,

                                          speaks of those in waiting with failure to develop a relationship of great importance,

                                          speaks of those in waiting going through the motions without sufficient faith to act,

                                          speaks of those in waiting where the spirit is quiescent with the soul not asking questions.

The complacency of man delays the immersion of the body soul and spirit within the flock of God,

                                          thinks examples are of no great moment and can be easily ignored,

                                          considers and reconsiders while delay spreads into months and years,

                                          wonders why his growth with God is stunted and blames it all on God,

                                          randomly stirs the mess of pottage looking for a tasty morsel when all is stale with mould abounding in                                                                                                                                                                    unfamiliarity.

The complacency of man can prevent conclusion of a task,

                                                             completion of the objective,

                                                             continuation in a walk with daily progress,

                                                             alertness to the call of God when drowsiness prolongs the sitting in the sun.

The complacency of man is in need of a sting to awaken his composure:

                                            from what it is,

                                                                    to what it should be;

                                            from napping with his mind averted,

                                                                    to being wide awake with planning to the fore;

                                            from attending to very little,

                                                                    to being immersed in the targets of opportunity;

                                            from slumbering with Satan,

                                                                    to fulfilling friendships within the family of God,

                                            from bombardment by the images of man,

                                                                    to the uplifting of the tongues of heaven with wisdom imparted on request.

The complacency of man needs redirecting from an inactive front,

             to the experience borne of the storming of God –

                                                       the assaulting of the high places,

                                                       the dealing with the idols,

                                                       the clearing of the demons of complacency,

                                                       the demons which impair the full attentiveness of man:

                                                               the demons which would prolong or defer,

                                                                             would delay or cancel,

                                                                             would garble or dismiss the activities as sought by God.

The complacency of man should be dumbfounded when he listens with the others to his testimony of God.

              For God will not leave his people without words when they desire to testify of His presence in their lives.

              For as man testifies of God,

                                           so Jesus will testify of man before The Father.

                    So for such are the entries of man recorded for posterity.”


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